11.129, 11.130, 11.131 Overview - Educational Theory and Practice

11.129 (Fall), 11.130 (IAP), 11.131 (Spring)
Educational Theory and Practice
Prof. E. Klopfer (klopfer@mit.edu), R. Gibb

Three course sequence based at MIT that includes student teaching component. Fall course is a seminar that prepares students for the classroom through study of curriculum development, assessment, and classroom management. IAP course involves full time student teaching at a local school. Spring course includes some teaching as well as follow up coursework. Courses meet in the late afternoon (4pm-5:30pm).


Wellesley 300 Fall
Educational Theory, Curriculum, Evaluation
K. Hawes

Focuses on the art of teaching: design of lesson plans, classroom management, interactions with diverse communities of students, testing, discipline, and varied approaches to the subject matter.

Wellesley 302 & 303 Spring
Seminar - Supervised Practice Teaching
K. Hawes

Student teaching in a grade 6 to 12 classroom, supervised by a master teacher.