Imagination Toolbox Summer 2014 Workshops

The Imagination Toolbox program, now in its 6th year, aims to bring simulations, models, computational thinking, and games into the classrooms of teachers from all disciplines. For the summer of 2014, we are pleased to offer the following workshops:

Imagination Toolbox 2014 Summer Workshop

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August 11-15, 2014

This week-long teacher workshop enables participants to use StarLogo Nova to create scientific simulations, programming activities, mathematical models, content-focused games, or other activities specifically tailored to your curriculum. Learn about StarLogo Nova, practice skills such as troubleshooting student work, and get useful feedback from other participants and workshop facilitators as you create your own activity. Space is limited, so sign up early! Cost: $100 (financial support freely available). Click here for more information and to register.


Introduction to Programming with Imagination Toolbox

Learning Block Commands

Several sessions: July 7, July 19*, August 1, August 6

´╗┐These one-day workshops teach participants the basics of programming simulations and games using the new, completely online StarLogo Nova, a blocks-based programming environment for creating 3D programs. With a self-paced format, these workshops are great for people of all skill levels, from those new to programming to expert programmers curious about a new tool. This workshop is a pre-requisite for Imagination Toolbox, and can be taken more than once. Cost: $25. Click here for more information and to register.

*Note: due to its success last year, a special "Family Edition" of this workshop will be held on July 19th, where parents can bring their (middle school and up) children, or mature high schoolers can bring their parents or even come on their own if they prefer. Adults without accompanying children are welcome to attend any session, including Family Edition. 


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