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StarLogo TNG provides some support for localizations. To use a different language, replace the file named "lang_def.xml" in the "support" folder of your installation with one of the lang_def files linked below. Note the version numbers - please use only the appropriate version number, or StarLogo TNG could crash unexpectedly.


lang_def.xml - English, version 1.0443.83 KB
lang_def_12.xml - English, version 1.2449.92 KB
lang_def_portuguese1.0.xml - Portuguese, version 1.0445.83 KB
lang_def_portuguese1.2.xml - Portuguese, version 1.2451.75 KB
lang_def1.5.xml - English, version 1.5467.03 KB
lang_def_greek1.2.xml - Greek, version 1.2462.35 KB
lang_def_spanish1.5.xml - Spanish, version 1.5575.5 KB