MITxBio video

Check out some of our presentations about our work to the MIT community and beyond.

xTalk, October 26, 2023, Adapting as a Teaching Assistant: Resources to Meet Instructor & Student Needs

Tyler Smith with Benjamin Hansberry and Lauren Totino

xTalk, September 26, 2023, Building Confidence in Inclusive Teaching: MIT Biology’s Hybrid Training

Darcy Gordon

xTalk, October 20, 2022, Using Digital Technologies to Refresh On-Campus Courses Over Time

Monika Avello with Michael Short and Sean Robinson

xTalk December 1, 2021: Slack in Education and Conversation with Colleagues

Monika Avello with Stefan Helmreich, Tristan Collins, and Lauren Totino

xTalk January 12, 2021: MOOC research on Curricular Innovations, Modes of Delivery & Student Behavior

Monika Avello and Mary Ellen Wiltrout with Jessica Sandland, Ana Bell, and Christine Vonder Haar

Open Learning Talks: November 9, 2021 | Research on Massive Open Online Course Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mary Ellen Wiltrout and Katie Blackwell

LAK20: March 26, 2020 | Short research paper - Assessment that matters: Balancing reliability and learner-centered pedagogy in MOOC assessment

Mary Ellen Wiltrout

Learning with MOOCS: October 3, 2015 | Novel Practices | Paper Sessions

Mary Ellen Wiltrout