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Shigeru Miyagawa
Shigeru Miyagawa
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor of Linguistics & Kochi-Manjiro Professor of Japanese Language and Culture
32-D836, MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA 617-253-4771

University of Tokyo, Joint appointment (from March 2014)
Project Professor and Director of Online Education

Recent Publications, In Media, MOOCs

"Birds, Monkeys, and Humans." A mini MOOC, free.

BBC Radio 4 features Integration Hypothesis (about 17 minutes into the program). What the Songbird Said.

Nature Podcast interview with Chomsky, Miyagawa, etc. (17 minutes into the program). Real Life Dr. Dolittles.

"The precedence of syntax in the rapid emergence of human language in evolution as defined by the integration hypothesis." Frontiers in Psychology. 18 March 2015 (with Vitor A. Nóbrega). Article.

"The integration hypothesis of human language evolution and the nature of contemporary languages," Frontiers in Psychology. June 2014 (with S. Ojima, R. Berwick, K. Okanoya). MIT News. Science News. LiveScience.

"A feature-inheritance approach to root phenomena and parametric variation," Lingua 145 (June 2014) 276-302 (with Ángel L. Jimenez Fernádez)

"Strong uniformity and ga/no conversion," English Linguistics 30:1-24 (2013).

"The emergence of hierarchical structure in human language," Frontiers in Psychology. February 2013 (with R. Berwick, K. Okanoya). Science News. MIT News.

Case, Argument Structure, and Word Order. Leading Linguists Series.Routledge. 2012. Review by Stella Markantonatou in Linguist. YouTube Video of Chapter 10.

Why Agree? Why Move? Unifying Agreement-based and Discourse Configurational Languages. 2010, MIT Press, Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 54.  Review by Anders Holmberg in Language.  Link to The MIT Press.  Link to MIT News.  Link to Google Books.

Handbook of Japanese Linguistics. Oxford University Press (co-edited with Mamoru Saito). 2008.

“Locality in Syntax and Floated Numeral Quantifiers,” Linguistic Inquiry 38.4: 645-670, 2007 (with Koji Arikawa).   Link to article.

Media Projects
StarFestival  Link to site.
Visualizing Cultures (with John W. Dower)   Link to site.   Link to New York Times feature.
Visualizing Japan (1850s to 1930s): Westernization, protest, modernity (VJx). A joint MITx-HarvardX MOOC.
September 2014.

President's Award, Global OpenCourseWare Consortium, 2012.

MIT Class of 1960 Innovation in Education Award (with
John W. Dower), 2004

Named one of twenty national “Shapers of the Future” by the educational technology magazine Converge, 2002

Distinguished Award, Multimedia Grandprix, StarFestival
Network, 2000

Fellowship for Linguistics Research, Japan Society for the
Promotion of Science, 1999

International Cultural Award, The Cultural Foundation For Promoting the National Costumes of Japan, 1997

Best of Show, for Star Festival, MacWorld Exposition, Boston (presented by the Northeast Mac Conspiracy), 1997

Irwin Sizer Award, For the Most Significant Improvement to MIT
Education, 1995

Grants (details provided upon request)
National Endowment for the Humanities
U.S. Department of Education
Luce Foundation
Getty Foundation
Center for Global Partnership
Japan Foundation
Fuji Xerox
MIT d’Arbeloff Grant for Undergraduate Education
MIT iCampus

Professor of Linguistics, MIT, 1991-present

Kochi-Manjiro Professor of Japanese Language and Culture, MIT,

Professor of Japanese Language and Culture, MIT, 1991–1995

Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Lits., Ohio State U, 1987–i991

Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages & Lits, Ohio State U,

Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health Fellow,
MIT, Linguistics, 1982-83.

Ph.D., University of Arizona, Linguistics, 1980

B.A., International Christian University, Linguistics, 1975