MIT Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor and Scholar Program

MLK Luncheon Seminar Series

The Institute Community and Equity Office held a weekly luncheon seminar series highlighting the work of MIT’s MLK, Jr. Visiting Professors and Scholars. We were delighted to coordinate the hosting of these distinguished scholars representing a broad range of academic disciplines. Information about the MLK Visitors program and the current scholars is available at and

A special year-end event concluded our weekly MLK Luncheon Seminar Series:

Wednesday, May 7: “Visualizing Blackness: A Panel Discussion”

Four distinguished members of the MIT community discussed perspectives on black identity in America, past and present. This event was of broad interest to the MIT Community. The panelists were:

*Craig S. Wilder, Professor & Head, History Faculty, MIT
*Sandy Alexandre, Associate Professor, MIT Literature Section (Panelist & Moderator)
*Nelly A. Rosario, Visiting Scholar, MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing
*Ta-Nehisi P. Coates, MLK Visiting Scholar in Writing

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Spring 2014 Seminars

Temporal Distance and Discrimination: An Audit Study in Academia
Modupe Akinola, MLK Visiting Assistant Professor, Management
Wednesday, March 12th
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Ebony and Ivy: A Survey of the History of Colleges and Slavery
Professor Craig Wilder, MIT History Section Head, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS)
Wednesday, March 19th
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Past, Present, and Future of Antibiotics
Jason K. Sello, MLK Visiting Associate Professor, Biology
Wednesday, April 2nd
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Enhancing Genomic Research Through a Native Lens
LeManuel Lee Bitsoi, Ed.D – Harvard University
Wednesday, April 9th
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ET Might Write
Christopher Rose, MLK Visiting Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Wednesday, April 16th
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Storing Energy in Plastics
Julio M. D’Arcy, MLK Visiting Professor, Chemical Engineering
Wednesday, April 23rd
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Comparing The Legacies of MLK and Mahatma Gandhi
Miloon Kothari, MLK Visiting Scholar, Urban Studies and Planning
Wednesday, April 30
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