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This is the official web page of the Follen Senior High Youth Group. I'll try to keep it up to date with all of our upcoming events. If you have any questions feel free to e.mail or phone any of the advisors.

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Sunday, 16 March

Sunday, 10 November
  • The UUA General Assembly is in Boston this year. If you would like to go, you should register before this Friday, as the fees are less. An application form was included in your last newsletter.
  • The coffee house to raise money for the Bulgarian chapter of Habitat for Humanity, will be on December 14th. We are looking for people to perform. People to help set up. People to help make crafts to sell. People to help plan the event. If you'd like to be one of these people, contact Amy.
  • Katy and Skye volunteered to run the next meeting-- YaY!!!!!!!!
  • We'll probably have a special craft-making session on December 1st (for the coffeehouse).
  • The christmas trees are coming on December 6th. Save the date.
  • Don't forget to have your picture taken for the photo directory.

Sunday, 20 October

  • Congratulations to the new FUUY Bowling League Champions. A number of records were set at this year's FUUY bowling night: most strikes, most strikes caused by computer scoring malfunctions, most somersaults on a bowling alley.
  • I'm pretty sure that we will have a trip to visit our partner church in Romania this summer-- so if you are interested, e.mail Amy if you are interested in going.
  • Jordan Stamirov, the founder of the Bulgarian chapter of Habitat for Humanity, will be visitng the US next week. He really wants to meet FUUY (we are the single biggest contributor to the program!!). He can come to LIFT next week...
  • Laurie's installation is Sunday, November 3 at 4:00. She'd love it if you could come!
  • There's a Peace Rally on the Boston Common on November 3 at 1:00. E.mail Ross if you are interested in going. We will most likely meet at the church at 12:00 to drive to Alewife and continue on to the rally.

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The FUUY Advisors!!!

John Brackett 781-861-3934
Al 781-674-2998
Colleen MacDonaldmcmrn11@aol.com781-641-1435
Susie Ojamaa lsojamaa@mindspring.com781-271-9143
Amy 781-643-6301

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