Lunch With The Faculty Program

This program was established in 1996 by graduate students Amy Smith and Alok Srivastava in order to facilitate informal discussion between faculty members and graduate students.

Week 1: Professor Abeyaratne

Our first guest was Professor Rohan Abeyaratne. We had lunch at the Middle East restaurant in Central Square and discussed Rohan's research into the propogation of dislocations. We also talked about his recent trip to Minnesota and his work developing the 2.001 hypermedia project. We are grateful for his cooperation at our inaugural luncheon.

Week 2: Professor Parks

Our second guest was Professor David Parks. We took Professor Parks by surprise, as our e.mail invitation had gone astray. However he joined us in good humour (even saying later that "it was a pleasant surprise-- more pleasant than surprising") and we went to the Small Planet for lunch. On the way we talked about milk cartons (in connection to some research he is doing for a Swedish packaging company) and life after 2.001. At lunch the conversation turned to faculty-student interactions and how they could be improved at M.I.T. We hope that the Lunch With The Faculty Program is a step in the right direction and are grateful for Professor Parks' support.

Week 3: Professor Feng

After a brief hiatus in the program, Prof Feng joined us for lunch at the old favorite, The Royal East. Amidst tofu and pea pods, we caught up on the latest 2.001 news and discussed some of his research. We were pleased that the 2.001 staff is so well represented in the Lunch With The Faculty Program, and hope to move on to higher numbered courses soon.
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