Karl Iagnemma, Principal Research Scientist

Principal Investigator, Robotic Mobility Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 35-237a
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Office phone: 617 452 3262
Fax: 617 258 5802

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Ramon Gonzalez, Postdoctoral Associate

Ramon Gonzalez, Gold Medal of Andalucia 2017 (Spain), holds a Computer Science Engineering degree (Best MsC Award) and a PhD (Best PhD Award) in mobile robotics. His research is mainly framed in terms of the science of autonomous navigation of unmanned vehicles and mobile robots(e.g. planetary exploration rovers, military vehicles, and agricultural robots). Ramon is mainly involved in research programs for NASA. Previously, he took part in some projects funded by NATO/OTAN, ESA and the Spanish government, among others. Dr. Gonzalez has also performed several research stays, among others: NREC-Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) and Autonomous Systems Lab (ETH Zurich, Switzerland). Recently, Ramon has founded and is the CEO of the tech consulting: robonity.



Junghee Park, PhD Student, 2016

Youzhi Liang, MS Student, 2016

Sang Uk Lee, MS Student, 2016

Shingo Ozaki, Visiting Scholar, 2015

Ryota Ono , Visiting Scientist, 2015

Martin Huemmer, Visiting MS Student, 2015

Bhargav Gajjar, Research Affiliate, 2014

Carmine Senatore , Research Scientist, 2014

Sisir Karumanchi, Postdoctoral Associate, Research Scientist, 2014

Marwan Hussein, MS Student, 2014

Alexandre Constantin, MS Student, 2014

Nadia Cheng, PhD Student, 2013

Watanabe Masaaki, Postdoc, 2013

Sterling Anderson, PhD Student, 2012

Steven Peters, Postdoc, 2012

Nick Wiltsie MS Student, 2012

Jianwei Gong, Visiting Professor, 2012

Chris Brooks, Postdoc, 2012

Phil Salesses, Research Affiliate, 2012

Shanbao Cheng, Postdoc, 2012

Fengchi Sun, Visiting Scholar, 2011

Shengyan Zhou , Visiting PhD Student, 2010

Matt McDaniel, MS Student, 2010

Takayuki Nishihata, Visiting Engineer, 2010

Gaurav Kewlani, MS Student, 2010

Genya Ishigami, Postdoc, 2010

Martin Udengaard, MS Student, 2008