Karl Iagnemma, Principal Research Scientist

Principal Investigator, Robotic Mobility Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 35-237a
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Office phone: 617 452 3262
Fax: 617 258 5802

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Ramon Gonzalez, Postdoctoral Associate

Ramon holds a Computer Science Engineering degree and a PhD (with European mention) in mobile robotics from the University of Almeria (Spain). His research is mainly framed in terms of the science of autonomous navigation of unmanned vehicles and mobile robots in off-road conditions (e.g. planetary exploration rovers, military vehicles, and agricultural robots). He is involved in research programs for agencies including NATO/OTAN and NASA. Previously, he took part in some projects funded by ESA and the Spanish government, among others.

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Shingo Ozaki, Visiting Scholar

Shingo Ozaki is a visiting scholar in the Robotic Mobility Group. He received his Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering from Kyushu University, and completed his Ph.D. degree in Agriculture at Kyushu University in 2005. In September of 2013, he was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Engineering by Yokohama National University, Japan. He works as an associate professor at Division of System Research, Yokohama National University.

His research interests include terramechanics, elastoplastic theory, and tribology.

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Ryota Ono, Visiting Scientist

Ryota Ono is a visiting scientist in the Robotic Mobility Group. He received his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He works as electric systems engineer for dump trucks at the Japanese construction machine manufacturer Komatsu Ltd. His research interests focus on developing a stability control system for autonomous dump trucks used in the mining industry.


Junghee Park, PhD Student

Junghee Park received his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Seoul National University, Korea. He had served in the military as a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Science at Korea Military Academy. His research interests include cooperation of multiple robots, collision avoidance, stealth behavior of pursuers for intercepting an evader, and semi-autonomous control of passenger vehicles.



Youzhi Liang, MS Student

Youzhi is a Master student in the Robotic Mobility Group. His undergraduate major was Machine Design, Manufacture and their Automation. He worked for two years in a research institute in China. His current research interests focus on development of micro pumps with application of electro-rheological technology.


Martin Hümmer, Visiting MS Student

Martin is a visiting student in the Robotic Mobility Group, investigating and developing models and real-time estimator approaches for the estimation of uncertain parameters in autonomous vehicles. He received his Bachelorīs degree in Mechatronics from Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany) where he is currently pursuing a Master's degree.


Sang Uk Lee, MS Student

Sang Uk is a Master student in the Robotic Mobility Group. He received his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea. His research interests include sampling-based motion planning with autonomous vehicles and machine learning.


Bhargav Gajjar, Research Affiliate

Bhargav Gajjar is a Research Affiliate with the Robotic Mobility Group investigating energy efficient, bio-inspired, multi-mode robotic mobility, including flying, perching, swimming, walking, running, and crawling. Previously Bhargav worked on an intelligent prosthesis with the MIT Media Lab, a gravity gradient stabilized nano satellite with the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and both an automated robotic manipulator for life support applications and an insect-inspired space rover with the NASA KSC Space Life Sciences Lab. He is also the president of Vishwa Robotics.



Carmine Senatore , Research Scientist, 2014

Sisir Karumanchi, Postdoctoral Associate, Research Scientist, 2014

Marwan Hussein, MS Student, 2014

Alexandre Constantin, MS Student, 2014

Nadia Cheng, PhD Student, 2013

Watanabe Masaaki, Postdoc, 2013

Sterling Anderson, PhD Student, 2012

Steven Peters, Postdoc, 2012

Nick Wiltsie MS Student, 2012

Jianwei Gong, Visiting Professor, 2012

Chris Brooks, Postdoc, 2012

Phil Salesses, Research Affiliate, 2012

Shanbao Cheng, Postdoc, 2012

Fengchi Sun, Visiting Scholar, 2011

Shengyan Zhou , Visiting PhD Student, 2010

Matt McDaniel, MS Student, 2010

Takayuki Nishihata, Visiting Engineer, 2010

Gaurav Kewlani, MS Student, 2010

Genya Ishigami, Postdoc, 2010

Martin Udengaard, MS Student, 2008