6.263/16.37:  Tentative course syllabus


Lec#                    Day      Date                               Topic


L1                        Th         9/4                      Introduction, OSI 7-layer architecture                          


L2                        T           9/9                       Data Link Layer: Framing, error detection

L3                        Th         9/12                     Point-to-Point Retransmission Algorithms                                 


L4                        T           9/16                     End-to-End Retransmission & TCP

L5                        Th         9/18                     Queueing Models - Introduction & Little's theorem             


L6                        T           9/23                     M/M/1, M/M/m, queues etc. 

L7                        Th         9/25                     Networks of queues  


L8                        T           9/30                     M/G/1 queues, M/G/1 w/ vacations

L9                        Th         10/2                     Reservations, priority, queue stability                                                                       

L10                      T           10/7                     Multiple access & Aloha

L11                      Th         10/9                    Stabilized Aloha, Tree Algorithms


L12                      T           10/14                  CSMA, CSMA/CD and Ethernet

L13                      Th         10/16                  Traffic Modeling – LRD & Self-similar traffic         


L14                      T           10/21                  Wireless LANs

L15                      Th         10/23                  Introduction to switch architecture


L16                      T           10/28                  High Speed Switch Scheduling

L17                      Th         10/30                  Routing Algorithms            



L18                      T           11/4                    Routing Algorithms  

L19                      Th         11/6                    Exam


                             T            11/11                No Class – VeteranŐs Day

L20                      Th         11/13                 Internet routing, IP, BGP


L21                      T            11/18                 Scheduling in wireless networks     

L22                      Th         11/20                  Scheduling in wireless networks

L23                       T            11/25                Transport layer:  UDP & TCP, ATM

                              Th         11/27                No class – Thanksgiving holiday


L24                      T           12/2                   Project Presentations

L25                      Th         12/4                   Project Presentations


L26                      T            12/9                  Flow Control