Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


6.263/16.37                 Data Communications Networks            Fall, 2001





Tentative course syllabus



#                      Day            Date              Topic               Lecturer          


L1                    Th            9/6                   Introduction, OSI 7-layer architecture                  


L2                    T            9/11                 Data Link Layers, Framing, error detection

L3                    Th            9/13                 Retransmission Algorithms                               



L4                    T            9/18                 Retransmission Algorithms

L5                    Th            9/20                 Queueing Models - Introduction & Little's theorem



L6                    T            9/25                 M/M/1, M/M/m, queues etc.      

L7                    Th            9/27                 Networks of queues    


L8                    T            10/2                 M/G/1 queues, M/G/1 w/ vacations

L9                    Th            10/4                 M/G/1 queues  and reservations, priority queues                                                             


                        T            10/9                 No class (Columbus Day)

L10                  Th            10/11               Stability of queueing systems



L11                  T            10/16               M/G/1 queue occupancy distribution

L12                  Th            10/18               Quiz    




L13                  T            10/23               Multiple access & Aloha

L14                  Th            10/25               Stabilized Aloha, Tree Algorithms


L15                  T            10/30               CSMA, CSMA/CD and Ethernet    

L16                  Th            11/1                 High-speed LANs, Token rings, Satellite reservations                 


L17                  T            11/6                 Introduction to switch architecture      

L18                  Th            11/8                 High Speed Switch Scheduling                                           



L19                  T            11/13               Broadcast routing & Spanning trees 

L20                  Th            11/15               Shortest path routing               


L21                  T            11/20               Distributed routing algorithms, optimal routing

                        Th            11/22               no class (Thanksgiving)



L22                  T            11/27               Flow Control - Window/Credit Schemes

L23                  Th            11/29               Flow Control - Rate Based Schemes           


L24                  T             12/4                 Transport layer and TCP/IP

L25                  Th            12/6                 ATM Networks


L26                  T            12/11               Special topic: Optical Networks, Wireless networks                     



Final Exam:   During finals week