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[DIR] Parent Directory 15-Sep-2004 19:47 - [IMG] Adam at fireworks.jpg 05-Jul-2004 16:13 315k [IMG] Adam in plane.jpg 27-Jul-2004 21:17 321k [IMG] Adam's dad.jpg 05-Jul-2004 16:13 331k [IMG] Adam's moped 2.jpg 01-Jun-2004 19:48 308k [IMG] Adam's moped.jpg 01-Jun-2004 19:48 322k [IMG] Air Conditioner.jpg 28-Jun-2004 16:55 195k [IMG] Anniversary dessert.jpg 16-May-2004 18:12 294k [IMG] Birthday.jpg 28-Jun-2004 16:58 226k [IMG] Boys on bed.jpg 26-Jul-2004 23:11 311k [IMG] Can't Handle This.jpg 02-Aug-2004 22:51 305k [IMG] Cheerleader.jpg 02-Aug-2004 22:51 304k [IMG] Home bathroom 2.jpg 22-Dec-2005 14:48 249k [IMG] Home bathroom.jpg 27-May-2004 17:35 302k [IMG] Invalid Adam.jpg 05-Jul-2004 16:13 303k [IMG] Me at fireworks.jpg 05-Jul-2004 16:13 321k [DIR] NYC/ 15-Sep-2004 19:42 - [IMG] Working on the plane..> 27-Jul-2004 21:17 305k [IMG] adam skiing.JPG 16-May-2004 18:22 90k

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