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In the meantime, enjoy this annotated list of other railgun resources on the web. We've provided this information to help you wade through the numerous references to Quake railguns, Railgun brand gold clubs, Railgun G3 CPU accelerators, etc.

The Electromagnetic Propulsion Homepage
Geoff Jones has amassed a considerable amount of information concerning electromagnetic propulsion with a specific focus on orbital payload delivery. Much of the content focuses on the coilgun, but there is some content and many links relavent to railguns.

UMKC SPS Railgun Experiment
Mitch Rappard and Mike Passer give a cursory overview of railgun theory and a somewhat detailed description of their small (5.5" rails) implementation. They state that "it works," but don't elaborate on exactly what that means.

Railgun Experiment
Another site about the same railgun, but less informative.

Railgun definition
This short page has little useful information itself, but does contain a bibliography with some journal articles worth reading.

Mad Coiler's Railgun Page
This is one of the better hobbyist railgun pages I have seen. Tristan Stewart has actually built a prototype which looks reasonable. There are no experimental results available and the production journal is sporadic, but his knowledge of the theory and engineering details seems solid.

Railguns by Micah Kiffer
A good thourough overview of railgun theory and physics. There are a couple of simplifications, omissions, and errors but all-in-all it is a good reference.

SERAPHIM Project and Sandia National Laboratories
The Segmented Rail Phased Induction Motor project which focuses on high-speed train propulsion but uses technology devoloped for the Sandia coil gun and relative to railguns.

Fatro and Jengel's Rail Gun
Another thourough theory page.

Firemoth Propulsion Labs Electromechanic Propulsion
Mostly links to the University of Texas and rotten images. Nothing of great value here.

Morrison's Rail Gun
A cursory examination of the design of a simple railgun. And for some reason, an obsession with propelling a pumpkin a mile.

??? A patent held by Galen Collins which describes a "compact personal railgun," though what it really describes is a coilgun.

??? A Japanese experiment to inject fuel pellets into a fusion reactor with a railgun.

A Tabletop Demonstration Railgun
An actual constructed railgun wih pictures. They get accelleration from 25 feet/s to 200 feet/s. Great pictures, including two animations of the device firing.

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