Movements In Time

Company History

Movements in Time Dance Company was created 10 years ago by Robin Hamilton,
a former employee of the MIT Undergraduate Admissions Office. The idea was
to create a company that would not only teach dance and performance technique,
but to gather a group of students, particularly minority students, that would
meet regularly as a means of support during their academic years at the
Institute. In turn, the company would help to enhance efforts to bring art,
dance and culture to the Institute.

Over the years, Movements in Time has been a company that has made a
difference in the lives of our students, providing a creative means for
students to express themselves outside of coursework. The company provides
students with a relaxed, enjoyable means to fitness and good health during
the semester. It also helps expose students to other dancers, choreographers
and outstanding dance companies performing at venues such as the Wang Center
in Boston and Jacob's Pillow in the Berkshires.

Performances for the MIT community and the greater Boston area are held
every spring, both on and off campus, as well as many other guest performances
at shows for other groups. We have worked with students from the
Charles Taylor Elementary School in Boston on an outreach program.

The company meets from 4-6 hours on the weekends on Fridays and Sundays.
Classes are free, and usually consist of a combination of choreography and technique,
and these are all taught by our director, Robin Hamilton. Costumes are purchased through
dance merchandise retailers, and stage sets are made by the company as a whole.

This is not meant to provide a comprehensive guide to the history of the Company, but to provide enough information to give interested parties an idea of what the Company is about. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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