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Edmvnd W. Golaski

So the page was about 2 years out of date. This is a quick cleaning (12/05), not a proper update. There are probably several broken links. Sorry 'bout that.

I was a grad student at MIT, working in the Rapid Autonomous Machining Laboratory in the department of Mechanical Engineering.

I was a TA for course 2.72 (machine elements)

I then worked for the custom automation and life-sciences group of a medium-sized automation company. I designed and built, well, industrial automation equipment and bio-lab instruments.

More on my exploits since then coming soon...

Here's my online resume .
I drink coffee.
I enjoy running and sailing.
I played bass guitar in the bands R5 (the real R5, not the emo song thieves now playing as R5) and the now defunct Justified Action.
My brother johnpaul has a homepage.
My sister Alexandra does not.
here's my mech-e portfolio


o click here to see a picture of my hat
o and here's a picture of my pager (yes, that's my hand)

I do a lot of theater with the MIT Musical Theatre Guild

Some other MIT activities in which I participated which have their own homepages:

o LSC (Lecture Series Comittee)
o PTS (Pi Tau Sigma, the Mech E honor society)
o SIPB (Student Information Processing Board)
o ILTFP (I Love This Place)
o CATS (The MIT Rocket Team)

Other fun stuff:

o Homestar Runner.
o A Prairie Home Companion - Garrison Keillor's weekly radio show.
o Something Positive - a webcomic that speaks to your inner misanthrope.
o The Parking Lot is Full for those of you who find "Something Positive" too normal.
o Here's the "Engineer's Drinking Song".
o MIT Hack Gallery
o Dilbert
o XEvil

o AD Critic: quicktime movies of funny TV ads.
o The Onion - Almost all the news worth reading.
o - I've been finding some cool articles here recently.
o Here is a cool collection of ad parodies.

Some Useful Things:

o McMaster-Carr - one of the coolest catalogs there is.

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