MIT Marine Robotics Team

About Us:

The MIT Marine Robotics Team (MRT) pursues projects related to robotics, ocean exploration, and marine technology. Our current main project is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for the European Robotics League - Emergency Robots 2020 competition, especially focusing on the underwater casualty search-and-report task. Through this, we aim to combine several different disciplines to accomplish a complex and practical mission. Past projects include an oil-sensing glider and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capable of autonomously tracking other vehicles. One of our main objectives as a student-run team is to provide the resources for undergraduates to learn how to apply engineering principles and to develop design skills.

MRT receives generous support and advising from MIT Sea Grant and the Edgerton Center.


We now do competitions again! Yay! The Marine Robotics Team was formed in 2011 from the MIT ORCA team for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and the MIT Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Team. The ORCA and ROV teams focused on designing and building vehicles for annual competitions. The team transitioned from a competition based team to a research-project team for a few years, focused on developing technologies and conducted research with real-world applications.  The team began by designing and testing several versions of a piston-based glider system, and also worked on supporting marine technologies, such as an ROV with chase capabilities. The team recently pivoted back to a competition format, though with the same emphasis on forward-looking, real-world applications.

Team Goals:

    - Provide opportunities and resources for members to gain hands-on engineering experience with both design and fabrication
    - Build teamwork skills
    - Project management and organizational experience
    - Explore ocean engineering and its relationship with other disciplines
    - Work on interesting research-based projects with directed applications