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Suheil Laher is available as a resource to any who seek to pursue better understanding, honest dialogue or fruitful cooperation. He serves as advisor and imam to all sectors of the Muslim community on campus. Suheil is an alumnus of the Institute, holding a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT. His studies of Islam and religion have included both traditional and Western academic settings. Suheil welcomes you to contact him for information or advice, or just to chat.

EMAIL ME: msa_imam (AT) mit (DOT) edu

  • Religious Leadership in the 21st Century - How to Avoid a Clash of Civilizations
    Presented at the MIT Chaplain's Seminar held at MIT on 10/01/2007
  • Suheil Laher's Statement on 09/11/2001
    Issued and posted on the day of the attacks.
  • About Islam and Muslims, by Suheil Laher

  • An article published in MIT Tech Talk, 10/09/2001.
  • Islamic Texts Against Terrorism

    Compiled by Suheil Laher
  • MIT's Religious Communities
    "MIT's Burgeoning Faithful," an article, published in MIT Technology Review, March 2005. It takes a look at the religious environment on campus. Includes comments from various people, including Suheil. .
  • Recent IAP events
    Recent lectures on Islam, organized or given by Suheil during MIT's annual Independent Activities Period in January.
  • Answers to questions on Islam by Suheil Laher
    Answers to various general, theological and technical questions answered by Suheil on

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