Father (Darrell Cain '08) and the Storytellers introduce the new world in "Let There Be". (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The Storytellers help Adam and Eve in "The Naming" of all the animals. From left to right: Kathleen McEnnis '07, Dawn Erickson '07, Krista Sergi, Brie Frame '05, Greg Lohman G, Daniel Perez '10. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Eve (Danbee Kim '09) realizes she has the "Spark of Creation" within her as she gazes at the forbidden tree. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Father and the Storytellers banish Adam and Eve to sweat in the wilderness as they are expelled from the garden of Eden. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Cain (Steven Flowers '06) sings "Lost in the Wilderness" as his brother Abel (Steven Camina '09) looks on intently. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The family reflects in the home that they have created for themselves in "Close to Home." (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Eve (Danbee Kim '09) leads the Storytellers in the title song, "Children of Eden." (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

As the animals return, Aphra (Sally Peach '09) and Ham (Daniel Perez '10) examine a turtle (J. Michael Spencer). (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Father (Darrell Cain '08) is hurt by the betrayal of Japheth and Yonah, and unsure what to do next. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Mama Noah (Brooke Jarrett '10) belts out "Ain't it Good" as the rain ceases. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The orchestra, led by David Zych '00, plays Steven Schwartz's score. From left to right: Ben Park '10, George Courtsunis '09, Sam Phillips '09, Malamo Countouris '09, Jamez Kirtley '94, Alison Saunders '10, Julia Day '10 and David Zych '00. Obscured: Bethany Aiken, Aaron Chow G, Maria Duaime '09, Carol Novitsky '81, Marty Wirt and Wayne Wylupski. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Father (Darrell Cain '08) begins to build his dream. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

"Don't they look sweet when they're asleep?" asks Father (Darrell Cain '08) of his 'children'. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The Sssssnake (Michelle Fogerson '07, J. Michael Ssspencer, Krista Sssergi, Carlosss Cardenasss '09 and Kathleen McEnnisss '07) enticesssss Eve (Danbee Kim '09) to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The Storytellers extol the hardship of the wilderness in "The Expulsion." (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Father (Darrell Cain '08) explains why the boys cannot go back to the garden. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Father (Darrell Cain '08) and the Storytellers place the "Mark of Cain" to remain from generation to generation. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Noah (Carlos Cardenas '09) calls to Father (Darrell Cain '08) to be sure he is certain about the great flood to occur. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The Family and the animals, as elephants board the Ark. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Yonah (Krista Sergi) sends the Dove (Karen Wong '10) to find dry land and save the ark from destruction. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

"Ain't it Good!" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Adam (TR Jordan '07) and Eve (Danbee Kim '09) listen intently to Father's (Darrell Cain '08) instructions on how to behave properly. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The female Storytellers remind the audience how "Perfect" life was in the garden of Eden. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Adam (TR Jordan '07) must choose between his love in Eve and his lord in Father in "A World Without You." (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Young Cain (Keri Garel '10) and Young Abel (Karen Wong '10) listen carefully to lessons from their parents. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Abel (Steven Camina '09) accepts the responsibility Father (Darrell Cain '08) places upon his shoulders after Cain runs off. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Eve (Danbee Kim '09) hopes that Father (Darrell Cain '08) will speak to her once more as she is dying. (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Noah's Family sits down to dinner, with servant Yonah (Krista Sergi) off to the side at the end of "Piece of Eight." (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

Yonah (Krista Sergi) and Japheth (Steven Flowers '06) express thier love before the flood during "In Whatever Time We Have." (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

The fight is stopped abruptly by Yonah (Krista Sergi) before Japheth (Steven Flowers) can kill his brother Ham (Daniel Perez '10) as the family looks on. Left to right: Aphra (Sally Peach '09), Aysha (Kallie Hedburg '10), Mama (Brooke Jarrett '10), Shem (Edmund Golaski '99) and Noah (Carlos Cardenas '09). (credit: Jax Kirtley '96)

One last rainbow appears as the full cast sings "In the Beginning." (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Performances were in
La Sala De Puerto Rico

December 1st and 2nd, 7th-9th at 8pm; December 3rd 2pm matinee

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