The Jury (Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, Milo Martinez, and Milo Martinez) and Billy Flynn (Matthew Ciborowski) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Velma Kelley (Nori Pritchard) in "All That Jazz" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Number 17 -- The Spread Eagle": Sally Peach, Matt Stern, and Nori Pritchard (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"All I Care About is Love": Billy Flynn (Matthew Ciborowski) surrounded by his chorus (Gabrielle Abousleman, Nikki Akraboff, Sally Peach, Amanda Giermann, Kelsey Contreras, Amelia Thomas, Dawn Erickson, Krista Sergi) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Roxie and her crack medical team of doctors and nurses (from left: Milo Martinez, J. Michael Spencer, Isa de Castro, Matt Maranda, Carlos Cardenas, Edmund Golaski) in "My Baby and Me" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Razzle Dazzle" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Velma and Mama (Nori Pritchard and Michelle Fogerson) listen to Roxie's trial and comment on the lack of "Class" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Murderess Anne (Amelia Thomas, right) describes her unfaithful husband (Milo Martinez) in the "Cell Block Tango" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Cell Block Tango": Gabrielle Abousleman, Sally Peach, Kelsey Contreras, Amanda Giermann, Nori Pritchard, Krista Sergi, Nikki Akraboff, Dawn Erickson, Amelia Thomas (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Billy and Roxie (Matthew Ciborowski, Isa de Castro, center) hold a press conference in "Both Reached for the Gun" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Amos (Greg Lohman) is "Mister Cellophane" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The audience of reporters at Roxie's trial (from left: Krista Sergi, Nikki Akraboff, Sally Peach, Thom Dancy, J. Michael Spencer, Dawn Erickson) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Mary Sunshine (Thom Dancy) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Murderess June (Dawn Erickson) in the "Cell Block Tango" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Amos (Greg Lohman) confronts his wife Roxie (Isa de Castro) during a tap dance (Thom Dancy, Milo Martinez) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Roxie (Isa de Castro, seated) reveals a shocking truth to a crowd of reporters and an annoyed Velma (Nori Pritchard, right) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Billy (Matthew Ciborowski) and Roxie (Isa de Castro) face off before her trial (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Roxie (Isa de Castro) indicates an important piece of evidence in her trial while the jury (Milo Martinez) and bailiff (Carlos Cardenas) look on. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Velma and Roxie (Nori Pritchard and Isa de Castro) performing the "Hot Honey Rag" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Performances were in
Kresge Little Theatre

April 28-29, May 4-6, 2006 at 8pm; Sunday April 30 matinee at 2pm

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