About the Muddy

The Muddy Charles Pub was founded in 1968. It is a sub-committee of the MIT Graduate Student Council. The Muddy Charles Pub Board of Governors oversees and directs the operations of the Pub. The Chair of the Board is a current MIT Graduate Student. The Board membership is chosen from the patrons of the pub, and is open to MIT staff, faculty, and graduate students. Further information on the Board may be found in Article II.D.10 of the GSC Bylaws.

Giving to the Muddy

The Muddy Charles has an alumni gift account that supports community building initiatives at the Pub. To make a gift to the Pub, please contact the Muddy Charles Pub Chairman.

Global Press

The Muddy Charles Pub has received global exposure as a place where science is always brewing.

The Economist article (clippings on the Muddy walls).

The Globe mentioned the pub this past year as well as in 2004 (scroll to #20 in article)

Scott Kirsner mentioned the pub and monthly Muddy mondays when he interviewed on the TV program High-Tech Fever.

The Venture Cafe features the Muddy in a book.