The following is a brief summary of the Walker Memorial Renovations Project from the Muddy's perspective. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact

The future of the Muddy Charles Pub is in jeopardy. In the fall of 2010, rumors began circulating that the MIT administration was aiming to renovate Walker Memorial. As part of the renovations, the building would be repurposed as the center for the Music and Theater Arts (MTA) Department. MTA is currently spread across campus. Architects were hired to evaluate Walker’s suitability for MTA’s needs and develop designs for renovations. In the meantime, a planning committee headed by Associate Provost Martin Schmidt worked on evaluating the current use of Walker and where current users might be moved, both temporarily and permanently. This planning committee has become the “Walker Memorial Assessment Team” (WMAT). The Muddy Charles Pub Board of Governors has repeatedly met with WMAT to make the case that the Pub must remain in its current location within Walker.

At this point, neither WMAT nor any other member of the MIT administration has made any commitment that the Pub will be allowed to remain in its current location following any renovation. Furthermore, there has been no offer for any alternative space. It is our position that the Muddy Charles Pub is a unique institution and, for the benefit of the MIT community, it should stay put. The Pub has served generations of MIT students, faculty, and staff over the past 43 years. We believe that a permanent relocation of the Pub will tarnish its history and endanger its future. If you support the Muddy Charles Pub staying in its current location, please start by signing our petition at If you would like to be more involved, please email or send your concerns to

In the last year, you may not have heard much regarding the Walker renovations. With the new President, the administration has been dealing with other issues and the planning process for the Walker Memorial Renovation project has made limited headway. This does not mean the threat is over. Walker Memorial reamins in the MIT 2030 and MIT Capital Renewal plans to be renovated for Music and Theater Arts. Thanks to you, we continue to make the case to the MIT administration that the Muddy must remain in Walker. Please continue to show your support for the Muddy Charles Pub.

The Muddy Charles Pub Board of Governors