Mujeres Latinas Constitution: Executive Board Duties

The President will oversee all Mujeres Latinas activities and represent the organization at all outside events and meetings. This person shall act as a liaison for organizations such as the Association of Student Activities, Student Activities Office, Office of Minority Education Student Advisory Council, Latino Leaders Assembly, etc. The President is responsible for overseeing all executive board members to ensure that all tasks are complete and that all Mujeres Latinas events run smoothly. This person shall also create agendas for each executive board meeting in advance and arrange meeting times.

Vice President
The Vice President is expected to help lead meetings and events, as well as supervise and assist other executive board members. This person shall also collaborate with the President and take on the President’s roles when she is not present. The Vice President shall also submit all LCC Activity Documentation forms and make all room reservations.

The Secretary is expected to take minutes at all meetings and send them within the next 24 hours. The secretary should also take attendance at all meetings and events, and keep all Mujeres Latinas related documents on file and organized.

The Treasurer is expected to manage the financial assets of the group. This includes but is not limited to: the allocation of funds, reimbursement of payments, tracking of accounts and balances, and the management of capital. The treasurer should be aware of and meet funding deadlines, seek possible funding options, and keep the financial assets in order and up to date.

Public Relations Chair
The duty of the Public Relations Chair is to act as the Mujeres Latinas liaison to other MIT clubs, university clubs, and outside parties. This includes, but is not limited to: initiating and maintaining contact with other parties, sending emails and attending meetings to help orchestrate co-sponsored events, and answering and directing inquiries [to the individual holding the appropriate position] from outside parties. The Public Relations Chair shall also collect feedback from members on the progress of Mujeres Latinas, send out regular digests of other upcoming Latino and/or Women’s events.

Publicity Chair
This person shall have the responsibility of handling all publicity issues for Mujeres Latinas. This shall include, but not be limited to, creating flyers, sending out e-mails, fostering relationships and maintaining contact with current, and potential, publicity venues, and publicity material retrieval and distribution.

Social Chair
The primary duties of the Social Chair are to help organize and take care of the order and delivery of food for all events. It is important that the social chair takes into account member preferences as well as available resources to order food that is both pleasing to everybody as well as cost appropriates.

The duty of the webmaster is to keep an updated website for Mujeres Latinas.  Upcoming events should be posted on the website as soon as plans are made for them. Past events should be updated at most one week from the time of the event.  Webmaster should also work closely with the publicity chair in order to publicize any event using the website and/or web-related media.

This person shall be responsible for the documenting Mujeres General Body Meetings and Special Events through pictures and/or video.  This includes the administration of the Mujeres Latinas Collage on display in the Latino Cultural Center lounge. This person is also responsible for the creation and/or administration of the Latina Voices video, which is to be updated every few years.  

Everyone is expected to contribute with ideas, attend all meetings (general events and executive board meetings), stay on top of her duties, and help setting up, cleaning and planning social activities. Everyone is also required to represent Mujeres Latinas at a minimum of one outside event.  It is also important for everyone to provide advertising for Mujeres Latinas the club and sponsored events, offer help to other executive board members, and make arrangements to have their tasks completed if the person cannot complete the tasks herself.