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Visionary Engineer, Harold Edgerton showcases MIT’s digital collection of renowned MIT professor, inventor and engineer, Harold “Doc” Edgerton.

From underwater photography to filming bullets in action, Harold "Doc" Edgerton was a true pioneer: an educator, inventor, entrepreneur and explorer. Try your hand at his fun and famous "piddler" machine and examine artifacts from his research lab. You'll see the mercury tube that Doc identified as his first strobe and other objects—some dating to the 2nd century BC—excavated thanks to Edgerton's underwater photographic techniques.

Notable contributions by Edgerton include his wartime strobe, which aided in night vision, his contributions to strobe in industry, and his significant, collaborative efforts in underwater exploration.

Explore the Edgerton Digital Collections (EDC) project—an innovative, collaborative publishing venture that draws from an array of databases to document the history of science and technology and celebrate the spirit of Doc Edgerton.

This exhibition has closed.

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