Net Works: MIT and the Internet

Net Works: MIT and the Internet

MIT Students at Akamai © Allan Doyle, MIT Museum

The Internet is an integral part of many people's lives, but how does it really work? And how have MIT and the Internet evolved together?

An MIT undergraduate class, Exhibiting Science, examines these questions and many more in this student-curated exhibit. From attacks on websites, to crowd-funding, to innovations in online learning, students in the class show you what they think is most interesting about the Internet, and how the Internet works.

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Akamai: See all of Akamai's web traffic graphs at their visualizations page or download the Akamai Internet Visualization App for iOS.

MaKey MaKey: You can learn more at the MaKey MaKey website and Kickstarter page, or you can even buy one at the MIT Museum Store!

Sprouts: Visit the Sprouts home page, buy one at the MIT Museum Store, or check out their Kickstarter page.

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