The Exhibition Image Map

Donors to LightForest and related holography education program:

Made possible by AT&T: New Experiments in Art and Technology


AGFA Division, Bayer Corporation
Mrs. E. Rudge Allen, Jr.
A.R. Arulpragasam '77
The Council for the Arts at MIT
The Lowell Institute
Polaroid Corporation



Produced at ACME Holography

With assistance from:
Bob Giese, paper fabrications and holography
Elise Co, holography
Sue Randall, silk fabrications
Seth Riskin, construction and holography
Jon Roll, consultation
Rob McCready, lab assistance
Leslie Spera, administration

Students from Course 4.858, Creative Holography Workshop:
Emlyn Altman, Elise Co, Tony Lu, Toshihiro Mikam

Dave Chen, Hiroshi Ishii, Tony Lu, computer control systems

Michelle Samour and the Papermaking Department, The Boston Museum School

MIT Museum Staff:
Ehry Anderson, Jeff Fitzgerald, Mary Leen, Sandi Lipnoski, executive production
David DeAngelis, education program
Kara Schneiderman, World Wide Web page
Don Stidsen, design and installation
Kathy Thurston-Lighty, publicity

Special thanks to:
Steve Benton, John & Mike Gillespie/Jodon Corporation, Mike Klug,
Mark Redzikowski, Warren Seamans

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