Evening Discussion Series

Evening Discussion Series at MIT Museum

Join the conversation at the MIT Museum! Whether participating in a panel discussion, or an interactive forum, our speakers are always eager to engage with visitors about today's big questions.

Ranging from formal to informal, the MIT Museum hosts a wide variety of evening programs for adults, about an even wider variety of research topics.

Soap Box is a series of interactive, salon-style, early evening conversations with scientists and engineers who are making the news that really matters. Participants of all backgrounds converse with top MIT scientists or engineers in an informal cafe-style setting at the MIT Museum. Begun in 2005, Soap Box is the premier public forum for discussing new technological and scientific developments at MIT.

TalkBack 360 is a discussion series at the MIT Museum where audiences and researchers come together to share their diverse perspectives on hot topics in science, technology, and the arts. Join the discussion in our MIT 360 arena and talk back about the research that keeps you thinking.

The Cambridge Science Festival is a 10-day celebration of science and technology with over 150+ events - including lectures, performances, exhibitions, etc. - throughout the city. The MIT Museum hosts many of these events, including evening discussions and other events for adult audiences. Please visit our CSF page for a more detailed list of this year's programs.