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Concert Series

In addition to numerous performances by student performing groups such as the MIT Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Festival Jazz Ensemble, Concert Choir, Chamber Chorus, Chamber Music Society, Gamelan Galak Tika, and Rambax other concerts presented include:

MIT Guest Artist Concerts

The Guest Artist concerts feature artists and chamber ensembles as part of short-term artist residencies for the benefit of MIT students. The concerts until recently had featured string quartets but now also present jazz, vocal, winds, brass and other ensembles and artists that are relevant to the curriculum. Besides appearing in concert, the artists collaborate with students in rehearsals, coachings, lessons and in the classroom.

MIT Faculty Concerts

Concerts are presented by performing and or composing members of the MIT Music Faculty and their guests. They are usually held in Killian Hall and Kresge Auditorium. Admission is free.

MIT Affiliated Artist Concerts

Affiliated professional musicians on the teaching staff occasionally present solo and chamber music concerts in Killian Hall. Admission is free.

MIT Advanced Music Performance Recitals (AMP)

Emerson Fellowship students appear in recital as part of their subject requirements for 21M480/21M512. Students enrolled in AMP receive full funding from Emerson Music Fellowships for private study on their instrument. Concerts are held during the spring term in Killian Hall. Admission is free.

MITHAS, MIT's Heritage of the Arts of South Asia Concerts

MITHAS is a society of students, faculty, alumni, and members in the greater Boston community who support the performing arts from India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. MITHAS presents lectures, classes, and concerts by musicians (such as Ali Akbar Khan) and dancers from all ethnic groups, eastern and western. For information about MITHAS, contact George Ruckert ( Visit the MITHAS website.

Off Campus Concerts

Boston Symphony Orchestra Concerts

The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), one of the leading orchestras in the United States, performs in Boston's Symphony Hall, one of the world's finest concert halls.

The Council for the Arts at MIT offers MIT students the opportunity to attend up to 20 BSO performances during the season for no charge with the BSO College Card. MIT students only need to show their MIT Student IDs at the BSO Box Office (301 Massachusetts Ave., Boston) to pick up a BSO College Card. For further information about the BSO College Card click here.

For other off campus Concert Series and free ticket offers, visit the Arts@MIT website.

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MIT is perhaps not the first place one thinks of for great concerts, most of which are free to the public, but it should be.”

David Deveau
Artistic Director
Rockport Chamber Music Festival