Music Department

Prospective Students

MIT's music program is a section within the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. We welcome all enrolled MIT students, regardless of major, who wish to take subjects in music history, literature, jazz, world music, theory, and composition. The section also has a vibrant performance program, and offers scholarships via the Emerson program to enrolled students of outstanding achievement on their instruments for private study with Boston area master teachers. The Music Section's instrumental, vocal, jazz, and world music performance offerings are open by audition to all MIT students (graduate and undergraduate) on a for-credit or non-credit basis.

Student musicians who are interested in attending MIT just apply for admissions to MIT via the admissions website. There are neither music admission requirements nor auditions prior to acceptance at MIT. The Admissions Office, however, does offer applicants of considerable accomplishment in music performance or composition, the opportunity to submit a music supplement or portfolio with their application. Classical, jazz, and composition supplements are reviewed by members of the music faculty who then submit an assessment to the Admissions Committee. Only the top-rated supplements are considered in the admissions process, providing the committee additional evidence of a student's unique achievements. A music supplement without an 'exceptional' rating, however, has no impact on an applicant's chances of admission to MIT.

The MIT Music section welcomes students from all levels of interest and accomplishment to investigate and participate in all of our offerings.




When I first came to MIT, I was surprised to find many musical ensembles of conservatory caliber at a predominantly technical school.”

Thomas Coffee ’05