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A music supplement is a sample or portfolio of an applicant's exceptional musical accomplishments that you send to MIT as part of the admissions process. Music supplements are used in the MIT admissions process to identify the most talented and musically advanced applicants. Members of the music faculty review the supplements and submit an evaluation that is then included in the applicant's admission application file. On occasion, a high supplement rating will help reinforce the profile of an applicant and increase his/her admission chances by providing further evidence of the applicant's high achievements. However, a less exceptional supplement rating will not have any impact whatsoever on an applicant's chance of being admitted to MIT.

Please note that the music supplement is not an audition to the music program. The music program holds live auditions on campus once students have enrolled and want to participate in any of the performance programs or ensembles.

To be considered, music supplements may ONLY be submitted via the admissions slide room site.

Early Action: November 1
Regular Action: January 1


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What is unique and what I appreciate most about MIT students is their ability to connect to and understand the sensual, the intellectual and the spiritual levels of good music.”

William Cutter
Director of Choral Program