List of Works Found in the music21 Corpus

The following list shows all files available in the music21 corpus. To load a work from the corpus, provide the file path stub provided.

For example:

>>> from music21 import corpus
>>> s = corpus.parse('bach/bwv108.6.xml')

Aird’s Airs

To get all works collected in Aird’s Airs, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('airdsAirs')

Book 1 (abc): airdsAirs/

Book 2 (abc): airdsAirs/

Book 3 (abc): airdsAirs/

Book 4 (abc): airdsAirs/

Book 5 (abc): airdsAirs/

Book 6 (abc): airdsAirs/

Johann Sebastian Bach

To get all works composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('bach')

Bwv 1.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv1.6.mxl

Bwv 10.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv10.7.mxl

Bwv 101.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv101.7.mxl

Bwv 102.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv102.7.mxl

Bwv 103.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv103.6.mxl

Bwv 104.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv104.6.mxl

Bwv 108.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv108.6.mxl

Bwv 11.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv11.6.mxl

Bwv 110.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv110.7.mxl

Bwv 111.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv111.6.mxl

Bwv 112.5 -Sc (musicxml): bach/bwv112.5-sc.mxl

Bwv 112.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv112.5.mxl

Bwv 113.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv113.8.mxl

Bwv 114.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv114.7.mxl

Bwv 115.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv115.6.mxl

Bwv 116.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv116.6.mxl

Bwv 117.4 (musicxml): bach/bwv117.4.mxl

Bwv 119.9 (musicxml): bach/bwv119.9.mxl

Bwv 12.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv12.7.mxl

Bwv 120.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv120.6.mxl

Bwv 120.8 -A (musicxml): bach/bwv120.8-a.mxl

Bwv 121.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv121.6.mxl

Bwv 122.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv122.6.mxl

Bwv 123.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv123.6.mxl

Bwv 124.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv124.6.mxl

Bwv 125.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv125.6.mxl

Bwv 126.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv126.6.mxl

Bwv 127.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv127.5.mxl

Bwv 128.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv128.5.mxl

Bwv 13.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv13.6.mxl

Bwv 130.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv130.6.mxl

Bwv 133.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv133.6.mxl

Bwv 135.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv135.6.mxl

Bwv 136.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv136.6.mxl

Bwv 137.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv137.5.mxl

Bwv 139.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv139.6.mxl

Bwv 14.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv14.5.mxl

Bwv 140.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv140.7.mxl

Bwv 144.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv144.3.mxl

Bwv 144.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv144.6.mxl

Bwv 145 -A (musicxml): bach/bwv145-a.mxl

Bwv 145.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv145.5.mxl

Bwv 146.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv146.8.mxl

Bwv 148.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv148.6.mxl

Bwv 149.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv149.7.mxl

Bwv 151.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv151.5.mxl

Bwv 153.1 (musicxml): bach/bwv153.1.mxl

Bwv 153.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv153.5.mxl

Bwv 153.9 (musicxml): bach/bwv153.9.mxl

Bwv 154.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv154.3.mxl

Bwv 154.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv154.8.mxl

Bwv 155.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv155.5.mxl

Bwv 156.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv156.6.mxl

Bwv 157.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv157.5.mxl

Bwv 158.4 (musicxml): bach/bwv158.4.mxl

Bwv 159.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv159.5.mxl

Bwv 16.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv16.6.mxl

Bwv 161.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv161.6.mxl

Bwv 162.6 -Lpz (musicxml): bach/bwv162.6-lpz.mxl

Bwv 164.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv164.6.mxl

Bwv 165.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv165.6.mxl

Bwv 166.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv166.6.mxl

Bwv 168.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv168.6.mxl

Bwv 169.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv169.7.mxl

Bwv 17.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv17.7.mxl

Bwv 171.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv171.6.mxl

Bwv 172.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv172.6.mxl

Bwv 174.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv174.5.mxl

Bwv 175.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv175.7.mxl

Bwv 176.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv176.6.mxl

Bwv 177.4 (musicxml): bach/bwv177.4.mxl

Bwv 177.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv177.5.mxl

Bwv 178.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv178.7.mxl

Bwv 179.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv179.6.mxl

Bwv 18.5 -Lz (musicxml): bach/bwv18.5-lz.mxl

Bwv 18.5 -W (musicxml): bach/bwv18.5-w.mxl

Bwv 180.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv180.7.mxl

Bwv 183.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv183.5.mxl

Bwv 184.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv184.5.mxl

Bwv 185.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv185.6.mxl

Bwv 187.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv187.7.mxl

Bwv 188.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv188.6.mxl

Bwv 19.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv19.7.mxl

Bwv 190.7 -Inst (musicxml): bach/bwv190.7-inst.mxl

Bwv 190.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv190.7.mxl

Bwv 194.12 (musicxml): bach/bwv194.12.mxl

Bwv 194.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv194.6.mxl

Bwv 195.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv195.6.mxl

Bwv 197.10 (musicxml): bach/bwv197.10.mxl

Bwv 197.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv197.5.mxl

Bwv 197.7 -A (musicxml): bach/bwv197.7-a.mxl

Bwv 2.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv2.6.mxl

Bwv 20.11 (musicxml): bach/bwv20.11.mxl

Bwv 20.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv20.7.mxl

Bwv 226.2 (musicxml): bach/bwv226.2.mxl

Bwv 227.1 (musicxml): bach/bwv227.1.mxl

Bwv 227.11 (musicxml): bach/bwv227.11.mxl

Bwv 227.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv227.3.mxl

Bwv 227.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv227.7.mxl

Bwv 229.2 (musicxml): bach/bwv229.2.mxl

Bwv 24.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv24.6.mxl

Bwv 244.10 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.10.mxl

Bwv 244.15 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.15.mxl

Bwv 244.17 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.17.mxl

Bwv 244.25 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.25.mxl

Bwv 244.29 -A (musicxml): bach/bwv244.29-a.mxl

Bwv 244.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.3.mxl

Bwv 244.32 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.32.mxl

Bwv 244.37 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.37.mxl

Bwv 244.40 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.40.mxl

Bwv 244.44 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.44.mxl

Bwv 244.46 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.46.mxl

Bwv 244.54 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.54.mxl

Bwv 244.62 (musicxml): bach/bwv244.62.mxl

Bwv 245.11 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.11.mxl

Bwv 245.14 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.14.mxl

Bwv 245.15 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.15.mxl

Bwv 245.17 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.17.mxl

Bwv 245.22 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.22.mxl

Bwv 245.26 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.26.mxl

Bwv 245.28 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.28.mxl

Bwv 245.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.3.mxl

Bwv 245.37 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.37.mxl

Bwv 245.40 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.40.mxl

Bwv 245.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv245.5.mxl

Bwv 248.12 - 2 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.12-2.mxl

Bwv 248.17 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.17.mxl

Bwv 248.23 - 2 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.23-2.mxl

Bwv 248.23 -S (musicxml): bach/bwv248.23-s.mxl

Bwv 248.28 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.28.mxl

Bwv 248.33 - 3 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.33-3.mxl

Bwv 248.35 - 3 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.35-3.mxl

Bwv 248.35 - 3 C (musicxml): bach/bwv248.35-3c.mxl

Bwv 248.42 - 4 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.42-4.mxl

Bwv 248.42 -S (musicxml): bach/bwv248.42-s.mxl

Bwv 248.46 - 5 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.46-5.mxl

Bwv 248.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.5.mxl

Bwv 248.53 - 5 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.53-5.mxl

Bwv 248.59 - 6 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.59-6.mxl

Bwv 248.64 - 6 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.64-6.mxl

Bwv 248.64 -S (musicxml): bach/bwv248.64-s.mxl

Bwv 248.9 - 1 (musicxml): bach/bwv248.9-1.mxl

Bwv 248.9 -S (musicxml): bach/bwv248.9-s.mxl

Bwv 25.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv25.6.mxl

Bwv 250 (musicxml): bach/bwv250.mxl

Bwv 251 (musicxml): bach/bwv251.mxl

Bwv 252 (musicxml): bach/bwv252.mxl

Bwv 253 (musicxml): bach/bwv253.mxl

Bwv 254 (musicxml): bach/bwv254.mxl

Bwv 255 (musicxml): bach/bwv255.mxl

Bwv 256 (musicxml): bach/bwv256.mxl

Bwv 257 (musicxml): bach/bwv257.mxl

Bwv 258 (musicxml): bach/bwv258.mxl

Bwv 259 (musicxml): bach/bwv259.mxl

Bwv 26.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv26.6.mxl

Bwv 260 (musicxml): bach/bwv260.mxl

Bwv 261 (musicxml): bach/bwv261.mxl

Bwv 262 (musicxml): bach/bwv262.mxl

Bwv 263 (musicxml): bach/bwv263.mxl

Bwv 264 (musicxml): bach/bwv264.mxl

Bwv 265 (musicxml): bach/bwv265.mxl

Bwv 266 (musicxml): bach/bwv266.mxl

Bwv 267 (musicxml): bach/bwv267.mxl

Bwv 268 (musicxml): bach/bwv268.mxl

Bwv 269 (musicxml): bach/bwv269.mxl

Bwv 27.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv27.6.mxl

Bwv 270 (musicxml): bach/bwv270.mxl

Bwv 271 (musicxml): bach/bwv271.mxl

Bwv 272 (musicxml): bach/bwv272.mxl

Bwv 273 (musicxml): bach/bwv273.mxl

Bwv 274 (musicxml): bach/bwv274.mxl

Bwv 275 (musicxml): bach/bwv275.mxl

Bwv 276 (musicxml): bach/bwv276.mxl

Bwv 277

  • Bwv 277 (humdrum): bach/bwv277.krn

  • Bwv 277 (musicxml): bach/bwv277.mxl

Bwv 278 (musicxml): bach/bwv278.mxl

Bwv 279 (musicxml): bach/bwv279.mxl

Bwv 28.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv28.6.mxl

Bwv 280 (musicxml): bach/bwv280.mxl

Bwv 281

  • Bwv 281 (humdrum): bach/bwv281.krn

  • Bwv 281 (musicxml): bach/bwv281.mxl

Bwv 282 (musicxml): bach/bwv282.mxl

Bwv 283 (musicxml): bach/bwv283.mxl

Bwv 284 (musicxml): bach/bwv284.mxl

Bwv 285 (musicxml): bach/bwv285.mxl

Bwv 286 (musicxml): bach/bwv286.mxl

Bwv 287 (musicxml): bach/bwv287.mxl

Bwv 288 (musicxml): bach/bwv288.mxl

Bwv 289 (musicxml): bach/bwv289.mxl

Bwv 29.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv29.8.mxl

Bwv 290 (musicxml): bach/bwv290.mxl

Bwv 291 (musicxml): bach/bwv291.mxl

Bwv 292 (musicxml): bach/bwv292.mxl

Bwv 293 (musicxml): bach/bwv293.mxl

Bwv 294 (musicxml): bach/bwv294.mxl

Bwv 295 (musicxml): bach/bwv295.mxl

Bwv 296 (musicxml): bach/bwv296.mxl

Bwv 297 (musicxml): bach/bwv297.mxl

Bwv 298 (musicxml): bach/bwv298.mxl

Bwv 299 (musicxml): bach/bwv299.mxl

Bwv 3.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv3.6.mxl

Bwv 30.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv30.6.mxl

Bwv 300 (musicxml): bach/bwv300.mxl

Bwv 301 (musicxml): bach/bwv301.mxl

Bwv 302 (musicxml): bach/bwv302.mxl

Bwv 303 (musicxml): bach/bwv303.mxl

Bwv 304 (musicxml): bach/bwv304.mxl

Bwv 305 (musicxml): bach/bwv305.mxl

Bwv 306 (musicxml): bach/bwv306.mxl

Bwv 307 (musicxml): bach/bwv307.mxl

Bwv 308 (musicxml): bach/bwv308.mxl

Bwv 309 (musicxml): bach/bwv309.mxl

Bwv 31.9 (musicxml): bach/bwv31.9.mxl

Bwv 310 (musicxml): bach/bwv310.mxl

Bwv 311 (musicxml): bach/bwv311.mxl

Bwv 312 (musicxml): bach/bwv312.mxl

Bwv 313 (musicxml): bach/bwv313.mxl

Bwv 314 (musicxml): bach/bwv314.mxl

Bwv 315 (musicxml): bach/bwv315.mxl

Bwv 316 (musicxml): bach/bwv316.mxl

Bwv 317 (musicxml): bach/bwv317.mxl

Bwv 318 (musicxml): bach/bwv318.mxl

Bwv 319 (musicxml): bach/bwv319.mxl

Bwv 32.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv32.6.mxl

Bwv 320 (musicxml): bach/bwv320.mxl

Bwv 321 (musicxml): bach/bwv321.mxl

Bwv 322 (musicxml): bach/bwv322.mxl

Bwv 323 (musicxml): bach/bwv323.mxl

Bwv 324 (musicxml): bach/bwv324.mxl

Bwv 325 (musicxml): bach/bwv325.mxl

Bwv 326 (musicxml): bach/bwv326.mxl

Bwv 327 (musicxml): bach/bwv327.mxl

Bwv 328 (musicxml): bach/bwv328.mxl

Bwv 329 (musicxml): bach/bwv329.mxl

Bwv 33.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv33.6.mxl

Bwv 330 (musicxml): bach/bwv330.mxl

Bwv 331 (musicxml): bach/bwv331.mxl

Bwv 332 (musicxml): bach/bwv332.mxl

Bwv 333 (musicxml): bach/bwv333.mxl

Bwv 334 (musicxml): bach/bwv334.mxl

Bwv 335 (musicxml): bach/bwv335.mxl

Bwv 336 (musicxml): bach/bwv336.mxl

Bwv 337 (musicxml): bach/bwv337.mxl

Bwv 338 (musicxml): bach/bwv338.mxl

Bwv 339 (musicxml): bach/bwv339.mxl

Bwv 340 (musicxml): bach/bwv340.mxl

Bwv 341 (musicxml): bach/bwv341.mxl

Bwv 342 (musicxml): bach/bwv342.mxl

Bwv 343 (musicxml): bach/bwv343.mxl

Bwv 344 (musicxml): bach/bwv344.mxl

Bwv 345 (musicxml): bach/bwv345.mxl

Bwv 346 (musicxml): bach/bwv346.mxl

Bwv 347 (musicxml): bach/bwv347.mxl

Bwv 348 (musicxml): bach/bwv348.mxl

Bwv 349 (musicxml): bach/bwv349.mxl

Bwv 350 (musicxml): bach/bwv350.mxl

Bwv 351 (musicxml): bach/bwv351.mxl

Bwv 352 (musicxml): bach/bwv352.mxl

Bwv 353 (musicxml): bach/bwv353.mxl

Bwv 354 (musicxml): bach/bwv354.mxl

Bwv 355 (musicxml): bach/bwv355.mxl

Bwv 356 (musicxml): bach/bwv356.mxl

Bwv 357 (musicxml): bach/bwv357.mxl

Bwv 358 (musicxml): bach/bwv358.mxl

Bwv 359 (musicxml): bach/bwv359.mxl

Bwv 36.4 - 2 (musicxml): bach/bwv36.4-2.mxl

Bwv 36.8 - 2 (musicxml): bach/bwv36.8-2.mxl

Bwv 360 (musicxml): bach/bwv360.mxl

Bwv 361 (musicxml): bach/bwv361.mxl

Bwv 362 (musicxml): bach/bwv362.mxl

Bwv 363 (musicxml): bach/bwv363.mxl

Bwv 364 (musicxml): bach/bwv364.mxl

Bwv 365 (musicxml): bach/bwv365.mxl

Bwv 366

  • Bwv 366 (humdrum): bach/bwv366.krn

  • Bwv 366 (musicxml): bach/bwv366.mxl

Bwv 367 (musicxml): bach/bwv367.mxl

Bwv 368 (musicxml): bach/bwv368.mxl

Bwv 369 (musicxml): bach/bwv369.mxl

Bwv 37.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv37.6.mxl

Bwv 370 (musicxml): bach/bwv370.mxl

Bwv 371 (musicxml): bach/bwv371.mxl

Bwv 372 (musicxml): bach/bwv372.mxl

Bwv 373 (musicxml): bach/bwv373.mxl

Bwv 374 (musicxml): bach/bwv374.mxl

Bwv 375 (musicxml): bach/bwv375.mxl

Bwv 376 (musicxml): bach/bwv376.mxl

Bwv 377 (musicxml): bach/bwv377.mxl

Bwv 378 (musicxml): bach/bwv378.mxl

Bwv 379 (musicxml): bach/bwv379.mxl

Bwv 38.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv38.6.mxl

Bwv 380 (musicxml): bach/bwv380.mxl

Bwv 381 (musicxml): bach/bwv381.mxl

Bwv 382 (musicxml): bach/bwv382.mxl

Bwv 383 (musicxml): bach/bwv383.mxl

Bwv 384 (musicxml): bach/bwv384.mxl

Bwv 385 (musicxml): bach/bwv385.mxl

Bwv 386 (musicxml): bach/bwv386.mxl

Bwv 387 (musicxml): bach/bwv387.mxl

Bwv 388 (musicxml): bach/bwv388.mxl

Bwv 389 (musicxml): bach/bwv389.mxl

Bwv 39.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv39.7.mxl

Bwv 390 (musicxml): bach/bwv390.mxl

Bwv 391 (musicxml): bach/bwv391.mxl

Bwv 392 (musicxml): bach/bwv392.mxl

Bwv 393 (musicxml): bach/bwv393.mxl

Bwv 394 (musicxml): bach/bwv394.mxl

Bwv 395 (musicxml): bach/bwv395.mxl

Bwv 396 (musicxml): bach/bwv396.mxl

Bwv 397 (musicxml): bach/bwv397.mxl

Bwv 398 (musicxml): bach/bwv398.mxl

Bwv 399 (musicxml): bach/bwv399.mxl

Bwv 4.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv4.8.mxl

Bwv 40.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv40.3.mxl

Bwv 40.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv40.6.mxl

Bwv 40.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv40.8.mxl

Bwv 400 (musicxml): bach/bwv400.mxl

Bwv 401 (musicxml): bach/bwv401.mxl

Bwv 402 (musicxml): bach/bwv402.mxl

Bwv 403 (musicxml): bach/bwv403.mxl

Bwv 404 (musicxml): bach/bwv404.mxl

Bwv 405 (musicxml): bach/bwv405.mxl

Bwv 406 (musicxml): bach/bwv406.mxl

Bwv 407 (musicxml): bach/bwv407.mxl

Bwv 408 (musicxml): bach/bwv408.mxl

Bwv 409 (musicxml): bach/bwv409.mxl

Bwv 41.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv41.6.mxl

Bwv 410 (musicxml): bach/bwv410.mxl

Bwv 411 (musicxml): bach/bwv411.mxl

Bwv 412 (musicxml): bach/bwv412.mxl

Bwv 413 (musicxml): bach/bwv413.mxl

Bwv 414 (musicxml): bach/bwv414.mxl

Bwv 415 (musicxml): bach/bwv415.mxl

Bwv 416 (musicxml): bach/bwv416.mxl

Bwv 417 (musicxml): bach/bwv417.mxl

Bwv 418 (musicxml): bach/bwv418.mxl

Bwv 419 (musicxml): bach/bwv419.mxl

Bwv 42.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv42.7.mxl

Bwv 420 (musicxml): bach/bwv420.mxl

Bwv 421 (musicxml): bach/bwv421.mxl

Bwv 422 (musicxml): bach/bwv422.mxl

Bwv 423 (musicxml): bach/bwv423.mxl

Bwv 424 (musicxml): bach/bwv424.mxl

Bwv 425 (musicxml): bach/bwv425.mxl

Bwv 426 (musicxml): bach/bwv426.mxl

Bwv 427 (musicxml): bach/bwv427.mxl

Bwv 428 (musicxml): bach/bwv428.mxl

Bwv 429 (musicxml): bach/bwv429.mxl

Bwv 43.11 (musicxml): bach/bwv43.11.mxl

Bwv 430 (musicxml): bach/bwv430.mxl

Bwv 431 (musicxml): bach/bwv431.mxl

Bwv 432 (musicxml): bach/bwv432.mxl

Bwv 433 (musicxml): bach/bwv433.mxl

Bwv 434 (musicxml): bach/bwv434.mxl

Bwv 435 (musicxml): bach/bwv435.mxl

Bwv 436 (musicxml): bach/bwv436.mxl

Bwv 437 (musicxml): bach/bwv437.mxl

Bwv 438 (musicxml): bach/bwv438.mxl

Bwv 44.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv44.7.mxl

Bwv 45.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv45.7.mxl

Bwv 46.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv46.6.mxl

Bwv 47.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv47.5.mxl

Bwv 48.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv48.3.mxl

Bwv 48.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv48.7.mxl

Bwv 5.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv5.7.mxl

Bwv 52.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv52.6.mxl

Bwv 55.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv55.5.mxl

Bwv 56.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv56.5.mxl

Bwv 57.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv57.8.mxl

Bwv 59.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv59.3.mxl

Bwv 6.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv6.6.mxl

Bwv 60.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv60.5.mxl

Bwv 62.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv62.6.mxl

Bwv 64.2 (musicxml): bach/bwv64.2.mxl

Bwv 64.4 (musicxml): bach/bwv64.4.mxl

Bwv 64.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv64.8.mxl

Bwv 65.2 (musicxml): bach/bwv65.2.mxl

Bwv 65.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv65.7.mxl

Bwv 66.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv66.6.mxl

Bwv 67.4 (musicxml): bach/bwv67.4.xml

Bwv 67.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv67.7.mxl

Bwv 69.6 -A (musicxml): bach/bwv69.6-a.mxl

Bwv 69.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv69.6.xml

Bwv 7.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv7.7.mxl

Bwv 70.11 (musicxml): bach/bwv70.11.mxl

Bwv 70.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv70.7.mxl

Bwv 72.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv72.6.mxl

Bwv 73.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv73.5.mxl

Bwv 74.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv74.8.mxl

Bwv 77.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv77.6.mxl

Bwv 78.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv78.7.mxl

Bwv 79.3 (musicxml): bach/bwv79.3.mxl

Bwv 79.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv79.6.mxl

Bwv 8.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv8.6.mxl

Bwv 80.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv80.8.mxl

Bwv 81.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv81.7.mxl

Bwv 83.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv83.5.mxl

Bwv 84.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv84.5.mxl

Bwv 846 (musicxml): bach/bwv846.mxl

Bwv 85.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv85.6.mxl

Bwv 86.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv86.6.mxl

Bwv 87.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv87.7.mxl

Bwv 88.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv88.7.mxl

Bwv 89.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv89.6.mxl

Bwv 9.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv9.7.mxl

Bwv 90.5 (musicxml): bach/bwv90.5.mxl

Bwv 91.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv91.6.mxl

Bwv 92.9 (musicxml): bach/bwv92.9.mxl

Bwv 93.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv93.7.mxl

Bwv 94.8 (musicxml): bach/bwv94.8.mxl

Bwv 95.7 (musicxml): bach/bwv95.7.mxl

Bwv 96.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv96.6.mxl

Bwv 97.9 (musicxml): bach/bwv97.9.mxl

Bwv 99.6 (musicxml): bach/bwv99.6.mxl

Chorale Analyses

  • Riemenschneider 001 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider001.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 002 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider002.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 003 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider003.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 004 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider004.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 005 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider005.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 006 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider006.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 007 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider007.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 008 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider008.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 009 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider009.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 010 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider010.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 011 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider011.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 012 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider012.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 013 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider013.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 014 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider014.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 015 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider015.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 016 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider016.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 017 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider017.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 018 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider018.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 019 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider019.rntxt

  • Riemenschneider 020 (romantext): bach/choraleAnalyses/riemenschneider020.rntxt

Amy Beach

To get all works composed by Amy Beach, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('beach')

Prayer Of A Tired Child (musicxml): beach/prayer_of_a_tired_child.musicxml

Ludwig van Beethoven

To get all works composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('beethoven')

Opus 132 (musicxml): beethoven/opus132.mxl

Opus 133 (musicxml): beethoven/opus133.mxl

Opus 18 No 1

  • Movement 1 (humdrum): beethoven/opus18no1/movement1.krn

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no1/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (humdrum): beethoven/opus18no1/movement2.krn

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no1/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (humdrum): beethoven/opus18no1/movement3.krn

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no1/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (humdrum): beethoven/opus18no1/movement4.krn

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no1/movement4.mxl

Opus 18 No 3 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no3.mxl

Opus 18 No 4 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no4.mxl

Opus 18 No 5 (musicxml): beethoven/opus18no5.mxl

Opus 59 No 1

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no1/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no1/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no1/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no1/movement4.mxl

Opus 59 No 2

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no2/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no2/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no2/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no2/movement4.mxl

Opus 59 No 3

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no3/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no3/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no3/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): beethoven/opus59no3/movement4.mxl

Opus 74 (musicxml): beethoven/opus74.mxl

Frederic Chopin

To get all works composed by Frederic Chopin, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('chopin')

Mazurka 06 - 2 (humdrum): chopin/mazurka06-2.krn

Johannes Ciconia

To get all works composed by Johannes Ciconia, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('ciconia')

Quod Jactatur (musicxml): ciconia/quod_jactatur.xml

Arcangelo Corelli

To get all works composed by Arcangelo Corelli, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('corelli')

1 Grave (musicxml): corelli/opus3no1/1grave.xml

C.P.E. Bach

To get all works composed by C.P.E. Bach, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('cpebach')

H 186 (musicxml): cpebach/h186.mxl

Demonstration Files

To get all works collected in Demonstration Files, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('demos')

Comprehensive Chord Symbols Test File (musicxml): demos/ComprehensiveChordSymbolsTestFile.mxl

Chorale With Parallels (musicxml): demos/chorale_with_parallels.mxl

Chord Realization Exercise (musicxml): demos/chord_realization_exercise.mxl

Incorrect Time Signature Pv (musicxml): demos/incorrect_time_signature_pv.mxl

Layout Test (musicxml): demos/layoutTest.xml

Layout Test More (musicxml): demos/layoutTestMore.xml

Multiple-Verses (musicxml): demos/multiple-verses.xml

Nested Tuplet Finale Test (musicxml): demos/nested_tuplet_finale_test.xml

Nested Tuplet Finale Test 2 (musicxml): demos/nested_tuplet_finale_test2.xml

Two-Parts (musicxml): demos/two-parts.xml

Two-Voices (musicxml): demos/two-voices.xml

Voices With Chords (musicxml): demos/voices_with_chords.xml

Essen Folksong Collection

To get all works collected in Essen Folksong Collection, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('essenFolksong')

Altdeu 10 (abc): essenFolksong/

Altdeu 20 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 10 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 20 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 30 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 40 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 50 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 60 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 70 (abc): essenFolksong/

Ballad 80 (abc): essenFolksong/

Boehme 10 (abc): essenFolksong/

Boehme 20 (abc): essenFolksong/

Dva 0 (abc): essenFolksong/

Erk 10 (abc): essenFolksong/

Erk 20 (abc): essenFolksong/

Erk 30 (abc): essenFolksong/

Erk 5 (abc): essenFolksong/

Fink 0 (abc): essenFolksong/

Folk Haydn (abc): essenFolksong/

Han 1 (abc): essenFolksong/

Han 2 (abc): essenFolksong/

Irl (abc): essenFolksong/

Kinder 0 (abc): essenFolksong/

Lot (abc): essenFolksong/

Lux (abc): essenFolksong/

Test 0 (abc): essenFolksong/

Test 1 (abc): essenFolksong/

Testd (abc): essenFolksong/

Teste (abc): essenFolksong/

Variant 0 (abc): essenFolksong/

Zuccal 0 (abc): essenFolksong/

George Frideric Handel

To get all works composed by George Frideric Handel, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('handel')

Lascia Chio Pianga (musicxml): handel/rinaldo/Lascia_chio_pianga.mxl

Joseph Haydn

To get all works composed by Joseph Haydn, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('haydn')

Opus 1 No 1

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): haydn/opus1no1/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): haydn/opus1no1/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): haydn/opus1no1/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): haydn/opus1no1/movement4.mxl

  • Movement 5 (musicxml): haydn/opus1no1/movement5.mxl

Opus 74 No 1

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): haydn/opus74no1/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): haydn/opus74no1/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): haydn/opus74no1/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): haydn/opus74no1/movement4.mxl

Scott Joplin

To get all works composed by Scott Joplin, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('joplin')

Maple Leaf Rag (musicxml): joplin/maple_leaf_rag.mxl

J. Rosamund Johnson

To get all works composed by J. Rosamund Johnson, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('johnson_j_r')

Lift Every Voice (musicxml): johnson_j_r/lift_every_voice.mxl

Josquin des Prez

To get all works composed by Josquin des Prez, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('josquin')

4 V Per Illud Ave Prolatum (abc): josquin/

Adieu Mes Amours (abc): josquin/

Fortuna Dun Gran Tempo (abc): josquin/

La Deploration De La Morte De Johannes Ockeghem (abc): josquin/

La Plus Des Plus (abc): josquin/

Mille Regrets (abc): josquin/

O Venus Bant (abc): josquin/

Petite Camusette (abc): josquin/

Leadsheet demos

To get all works collected in Leadsheet demos, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('leadSheet')

Berlin Alexanders Ragtime (musicxml): leadSheet/berlinAlexandersRagtime.mxl

Foster Brown Hair (musicxml): leadSheet/fosterBrownHair.mxl

Queen Liliʻuokalani

To get all works composed by Queen Liliʻuokalani, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('liliuokalani')

Aloha Oe (musicxml): liliuokalani/aloha_oe.mxl

D. Luca

To get all works composed by D. Luca, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('luca')

Gloria (musicxml): luca/gloria.xml

Vicente Lusitano

To get all works composed by Vicente Lusitano, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('lusitano')

Allor Che Ignuda (musicxml): lusitano/allor_che_ignuda.mxl

Miscellaneous Folk

To get all works collected in Miscellaneous Folk, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('miscFolk')

Americanfifeopus (abc): miscFolk/

Northumbrianminstrelsyopus (abc): miscFolk/

Claudio Monteverdi

To get all works composed by Claudio Monteverdi, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('monteverdi')

Madrigal .3.1

  • Madrigal .3.1 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.1.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.1 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.1.rntxt

Madrigal .3.10

  • Madrigal .3.10 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.10.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.10 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.10.rntxt

Madrigal .3.11

  • Madrigal .3.11 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.11.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.11 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.11.rntxt

Madrigal .3.12

  • Madrigal .3.12 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.12.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.12 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.12.rntxt

Madrigal .3.13

  • Madrigal .3.13 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.13.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.13 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.13.rntxt

Madrigal .3.14

  • Madrigal .3.14 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.14.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.14 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.14.rntxt

Madrigal .3.15

  • Madrigal .3.15 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.15.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.15 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.15.rntxt

Madrigal .3.16

  • Madrigal .3.16 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.16.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.16 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.16.rntxt

Madrigal .3.17

  • Madrigal .3.17 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.17.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.17 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.17.rntxt

Madrigal .3.18

  • Madrigal .3.18 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.18.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.18 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.18.rntxt

Madrigal .3.19

  • Madrigal .3.19 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.19.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.19 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.19.rntxt

Madrigal .3.1 Old (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.1_old.mxl

Madrigal .3.2

  • Madrigal .3.2 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.2.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.2 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.2.rntxt

Madrigal .3.20

  • Madrigal .3.20 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.20.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.20 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.20.rntxt

Madrigal .3.3

  • Madrigal .3.3 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.3.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.3 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.3.rntxt

Madrigal .3.4

  • Madrigal .3.4 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.4.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.4 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.4.rntxt

Madrigal .3.5

  • Madrigal .3.5 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.5.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.5 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.5.rntxt

Madrigal .3.6

  • Madrigal .3.6 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.6.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.6 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.6.rntxt

Madrigal .3.7

  • Madrigal .3.7 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.7.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.7 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.7.rntxt

Madrigal .3.8

  • Madrigal .3.8 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.8.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.8 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.8.rntxt

Madrigal .3.9

  • Madrigal .3.9 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.3.9.mxl

  • Madrigal .3.9 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.3.9.rntxt

Madrigal .4.1

  • Madrigal .4.1 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.1.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.1 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.1.rntxt

Madrigal .4.10

  • Madrigal .4.10 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.10.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.10 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.10.rntxt

Madrigal .4.11

  • Madrigal .4.11 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.11.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.11 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.11.rntxt

Madrigal .4.12

  • Madrigal .4.12 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.12.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.12 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.12.rntxt

Madrigal .4.13

  • Madrigal .4.13 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.13.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.13 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.13.rntxt

Madrigal .4.14

  • Madrigal .4.14 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.14.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.14 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.14.rntxt

Madrigal .4.15

  • Madrigal .4.15 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.15.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.15 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.15.rntxt

Madrigal .4.16

  • Madrigal .4.16 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.16.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.16 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.16.rntxt

Madrigal .4.17

  • Madrigal .4.17 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.17.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.17 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.17.rntxt

Madrigal .4.18

  • Madrigal .4.18 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.18.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.18 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.18.rntxt

Madrigal .4.19

  • Madrigal .4.19 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.19.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.19 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.19.rntxt

Madrigal .4.2

  • Madrigal .4.2 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.2.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.2 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.2.rntxt

Madrigal .4.20

  • Madrigal .4.20 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.20.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.20 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.20.rntxt

Madrigal .4.3

  • Madrigal .4.3 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.3.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.3 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.3.rntxt

Madrigal .4.4

  • Madrigal .4.4 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.4.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.4 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.4.rntxt

Madrigal .4.5

  • Madrigal .4.5 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.5.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.5 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.5.rntxt

Madrigal .4.6

  • Madrigal .4.6 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.6.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.6 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.6.rntxt

Madrigal .4.7

  • Madrigal .4.7 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.7.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.7 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.7.rntxt

Madrigal .4.8

  • Madrigal .4.8 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.8.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.8 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.8.rntxt

Madrigal .4.9

  • Madrigal .4.9 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.4.9.mxl

  • Madrigal .4.9 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.4.9.rntxt

Madrigal .5.1

  • Madrigal .5.1 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.1.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.1 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.1.rntxt

Madrigal .5.2

  • Madrigal .5.2 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.2.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.2 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.2.rntxt

Madrigal .5.3

  • Madrigal .5.3 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.3.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.3 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.3.rntxt

Madrigal .5.4

  • Madrigal .5.4 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.4.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.4 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.4.rntxt

Madrigal .5.5

  • Madrigal .5.5 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.5.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.5 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.5.rntxt

Madrigal .5.6

  • Madrigal .5.6 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.6.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.6 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.6.rntxt

Madrigal .5.7

  • Madrigal .5.7 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.7.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.7 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.7.rntxt

Madrigal .5.8

  • Madrigal .5.8 (musicxml): monteverdi/madrigal.5.8.mxl

  • Madrigal .5.8 (romantext): monteverdi/madrigal.5.8.rntxt

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

To get all works composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('mozart')

K 155

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): mozart/k155/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): mozart/k155/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): mozart/k155/movement3.mxl

K 156

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): mozart/k156/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): mozart/k156/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): mozart/k156/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): mozart/k156/movement4.mxl

K 458

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): mozart/k458/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): mozart/k458/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): mozart/k458/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): mozart/k458/movement4.mxl

Movement 1 Exposition (musicxml): mozart/k545/movement1_exposition.mxl

K 80

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): mozart/k80/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): mozart/k80/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): mozart/k80/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): mozart/k80/movement4.mxl

Nottingham Music Database (partial)

To get all works collected in Nottingham Music Database (partial), use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('nottingham-dataset')

Reelsa-C (abc): nottingham-dataset/

Oneill’s 1850 Collection

To get all works collected in Oneill’s 1850 Collection, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('oneills1850')

0001 - 0050 (abc): oneills1850/

0051 - 0100 (abc): oneills1850/

0101 - 0200 (abc): oneills1850/

0201 - 0300 (abc): oneills1850/

0301 - 0350 (abc): oneills1850/

0351 - 0400 (abc): oneills1850/

0401 - 0486 (abc): oneills1850/

0487 - 0500 (abc): oneills1850/

0501 - 0550 (abc): oneills1850/

0550 - 0625 (abc): oneills1850/

0626 - 0635 (abc): oneills1850/

0626 - 0700 (abc): oneills1850/

0701 - 0720 (abc): oneills1850/

0721 - 0730 (abc): oneills1850/

0731 - 0731 (abc): oneills1850/

0732 - 0758 Bs (abc): oneills1850/

0732 - 0758 Mh (abc): oneills1850/

0759 - 0810 (abc): oneills1850/

0811 - 0899 (abc): oneills1850/

0900 - 0950 (abc): oneills1850/

0951 - 0981 (abc): oneills1850/

0981 - 1000 (abc): oneills1850/

1001 - 1031 (abc): oneills1850/

1031 - 1115 (abc): oneills1850/

1116 - 1135 Mh (abc): oneills1850/

1116 - 1135 Ml (abc): oneills1850/

1136 - 1175 (abc): oneills1850/

1176 - 1275 (abc): oneills1850/

1276 - 1375 (abc): oneills1850/

1376 - 1475 (abc): oneills1850/

1476 - 1555 (abc): oneills1850/

1556 - 1576 (abc): oneills1850/

1556 - 1624 (abc): oneills1850/

1577 - 1624 (abc): oneills1850/

1625 - 1700 (abc): oneills1850/

1701 - 1780 (abc): oneills1850/

1710 - 1750 (abc): oneills1850/

1781 - 1800 (abc): oneills1850/

1801 - 1850 (abc): oneills1850/

Giovanni Palestrina

To get all works composed by Giovanni Palestrina, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('palestrina')

Agnus (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus.krn

Agnus 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_00.krn

Agnus 01 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_01.krn

Agnus 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_02.krn

Agnus 03 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_03.krn

Agnus 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_04.krn

Agnus 05 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_05.krn

Agnus 06 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_06.krn

Agnus 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_07.krn

Agnus 08 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_08.krn

Agnus 09 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_09.krn

Agnus 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_10.krn

Agnus 11 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_11.krn

Agnus 12 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_12.krn

Agnus 13 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_13.krn

Agnus 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_14.krn

Agnus 15 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_15.krn

Agnus 16 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_16.krn

Agnus 17 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_17.krn

Agnus I (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I.krn

Agnus I I (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II.krn

Agnus I I I 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_III_00.krn

Agnus I I I A (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_III_a.krn

Agnus I I I B (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_III_b.krn

Agnus I I 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_00.krn

Agnus I I 01 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_01.krn

Agnus I I 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_02.krn

Agnus I I 03 A (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_03_a.krn

Agnus I I 03 B (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_03_b.krn

Agnus I I 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_04.krn

Agnus I I 05 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_05.krn

Agnus I I 06 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_06.krn

Agnus I I 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_07.krn

Agnus I I 08 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_08.krn

Agnus I I 09 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_09.krn

Agnus I I 10 A (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_10_a.krn

Agnus I I 10 B (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_10_b.krn

Agnus I I 11 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_11.krn

Agnus I I 12 A (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_12_a.krn

Agnus I I 12 B (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_12_b.krn

Agnus I I 13 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_13.krn

Agnus I I 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_14.krn

Agnus I I 15 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_15.krn

Agnus I I 16 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_16.krn

Agnus I I 17 A (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_17_a.krn

Agnus I I 17 B (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_17_b.krn

Agnus I I 18 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_18.krn

Agnus I I 19 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_19.krn

Agnus I I 20 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_20.krn

Agnus I I 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_21.krn

Agnus I I 22 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_22.krn

Agnus I I 23 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_23.krn

Agnus I I 24 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_24.krn

Agnus I I 25 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_25.krn

Agnus I I 26 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_26.krn

Agnus I I 27 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_27.krn

Agnus I I 28 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_28.krn

Agnus I I 29 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_29.krn

Agnus I I 30 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_30.krn

Agnus I I 31 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_31.krn

Agnus I I 32 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_32.krn

Agnus I I 33 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_33.krn

Agnus I I 34 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_34.krn

Agnus I I 35 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_35.krn

Agnus I I 36 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_36.krn

Agnus I I 37 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_37.krn

Agnus I I 38 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_38.krn

Agnus I I 39 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_39.krn

Agnus I I 40 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_40.krn

Agnus I I 41 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_41.krn

Agnus I I 42 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_42.krn

Agnus I I 43 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_43.krn

Agnus I I 44 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_44.krn

Agnus I I 45 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_45.krn

Agnus I I 46 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_46.krn

Agnus I I 47 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_47.krn

Agnus I I 48 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_48.krn

Agnus I I 49 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_49.krn

Agnus I I 50 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_50.krn

Agnus I I 51 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_51.krn

Agnus I I 52 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_52.krn

Agnus I I 53 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_53.krn

Agnus I I 54 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_54.krn

Agnus I I 55 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_55.krn

Agnus I I 56 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_56.krn

Agnus I I 57 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_57.krn

Agnus I I 58 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_58.krn

Agnus I I 59 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_59.krn

Agnus I I 60 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_60.krn

Agnus I I 61 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_61.krn

Agnus I I 62 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_62.krn

Agnus I I 63 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_63.krn

Agnus I I 64 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_64.krn

Agnus I I 65 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_65.krn

Agnus I I 66 A (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_66_a.krn

Agnus I I 66 B (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_66_b.krn

Agnus I I 66 C (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_66_c.krn

Agnus I I 67 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_67.krn

Agnus I I 68 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_68.krn

Agnus I I 69 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_69.krn

Agnus I I 70 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_70.krn

Agnus I I 71 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_71.krn

Agnus I I 72 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_72.krn

Agnus I I 73 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_73.krn

Agnus I I 74 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_74.krn

Agnus I I 75 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_75.krn

Agnus I I 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_76.krn

Agnus I I 77 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_77.krn

Agnus I I 78 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_78.krn

Agnus I I 79 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_79.krn

Agnus I I 80 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_II_80.krn

Agnus I 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_00.krn

Agnus I 01 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_01.krn

Agnus I 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_02.krn

Agnus I 03 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_03.krn

Agnus I 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_04.krn

Agnus I 05 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_05.krn

Agnus I 06 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_06.krn

Agnus I 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_07.krn

Agnus I 08 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_08.krn

Agnus I 09 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_09.krn

Agnus I 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_10.krn

Agnus I 11 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_11.krn

Agnus I 12 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_12.krn

Agnus I 13 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_13.krn

Agnus I 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_14.krn

Agnus I 15 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_15.krn

Agnus I 16 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_16.krn

Agnus I 17 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_17.krn

Agnus I 18 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_18.krn

Agnus I 19 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_19.krn

Agnus I 20 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_20.krn

Agnus I 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_21.krn

Agnus I 22 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_22.krn

Agnus I 23 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_23.krn

Agnus I 24 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_24.krn

Agnus I 25 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_25.krn

Agnus I 26 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_26.krn

Agnus I 27 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_27.krn

Agnus I 28 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_28.krn

Agnus I 29 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_29.krn

Agnus I 30 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_30.krn

Agnus I 31 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_31.krn

Agnus I 32 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_32.krn

Agnus I 33 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_33.krn

Agnus I 34 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_34.krn

Agnus I 35 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_35.krn

Agnus I 36 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_36.krn

Agnus I 37 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_37.krn

Agnus I 38 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_38.krn

Agnus I 39 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_39.krn

Agnus I 40 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_40.krn

Agnus I 41 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_41.krn

Agnus I 42 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_42.krn

Agnus I 43 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_43.krn

Agnus I 44 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_44.krn

Agnus I 45 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_45.krn

Agnus I 46 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_46.krn

Agnus I 47 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_47.krn

Agnus I 48 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_48.krn

Agnus I 49 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_49.krn

Agnus I 50 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_50.krn

Agnus I 51 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_51.krn

Agnus I 52 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_52.krn

Agnus I 53 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_53.krn

Agnus I 54 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_54.krn

Agnus I 55 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_55.krn

Agnus I 56 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_56.krn

Agnus I 57 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_57.krn

Agnus I 58 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_58.krn

Agnus I 59 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_59.krn

Agnus I 60 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_60.krn

Agnus I 61 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_61.krn

Agnus I 62 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_62.krn

Agnus I 63 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_63.krn

Agnus I 64 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_64.krn

Agnus I 65 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_65.krn

Agnus I 66 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_66.krn

Agnus I 67 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_67.krn

Agnus I 68 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_68.krn

Agnus I 69 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_69.krn

Agnus I 70 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_70.krn

Agnus I 71 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_71.krn

Agnus I 72 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_72.krn

Agnus I 73 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_73.krn

Agnus I 74 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_74.krn

Agnus I 75 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_75.krn

Agnus I 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_76.krn

Agnus I 77 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_77.krn

Agnus I 78 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_78.krn

Agnus I 79 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_79.krn

Agnus I 80 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_80.krn

Agnus I 81 (humdrum): palestrina/Agnus_I_81.krn

Benedictus 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_00.krn

Benedictus 01 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_01_a.krn

Benedictus 01 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_01_b.krn

Benedictus 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_02.krn

Benedictus 03 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_03_a.krn

Benedictus 03 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_03_b.krn

Benedictus 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_04.krn

Benedictus 05 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_05_a.krn

Benedictus 05 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_05_b.krn

Benedictus 06 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_06.krn

Benedictus 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_07.krn

Benedictus 08 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_08_a.krn

Benedictus 08 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_08_b.krn

Benedictus 09 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_09_a.krn

Benedictus 09 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_09_b.krn

Benedictus 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_10.krn

Benedictus 11 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_11_a.krn

Benedictus 11 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_11_b.krn

Benedictus 12 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_12.krn

Benedictus 13 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_13_a.krn

Benedictus 13 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_13_b.krn

Benedictus 14 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_14_a.krn

Benedictus 14 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_14_b.krn

Benedictus 15 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_15_a.krn

Benedictus 15 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_15_b.krn

Benedictus 16 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_16.krn

Benedictus 17 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_17.krn

Benedictus 18 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_18_a.krn

Benedictus 18 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_18_b.krn

Benedictus 19 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_19_a.krn

Benedictus 19 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_19_b.krn

Benedictus 20 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_20_a.krn

Benedictus 20 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_20_b.krn

Benedictus 21 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_21_a.krn

Benedictus 21 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_21_b.krn

Benedictus 22 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_22.krn

Benedictus 23 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_23_a.krn

Benedictus 23 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_23_b.krn

Benedictus 24 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_24_a.krn

Benedictus 24 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_24_b.krn

Benedictus 25 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_25_a.krn

Benedictus 25 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_25_b.krn

Benedictus 26 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_26_a.krn

Benedictus 26 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_26_b.krn

Benedictus 27 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_27.krn

Benedictus 28 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_28_a.krn

Benedictus 28 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_28_b.krn

Benedictus 29 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_29_a.krn

Benedictus 29 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_29_b.krn

Benedictus 30 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_30.krn

Benedictus 31 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_31_a.krn

Benedictus 31 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_31_b.krn

Benedictus 32 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_32_a.krn

Benedictus 32 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_32_b.krn

Benedictus 33 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_33.krn

Benedictus 34 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_34_a.krn

Benedictus 34 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_34_b.krn

Benedictus 35 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_35_a.krn

Benedictus 35 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_35_b.krn

Benedictus 36 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_36_a.krn

Benedictus 36 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_36_b.krn

Benedictus 37 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_37.krn

Benedictus 38 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_38_a.krn

Benedictus 38 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_38_b.krn

Benedictus 39 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_39_a.krn

Benedictus 39 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_39_b.krn

Benedictus 40 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_40_a.krn

Benedictus 40 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_40_b.krn

Benedictus 41 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_41_a.krn

Benedictus 41 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_41_b.krn

Benedictus 42 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_42_a.krn

Benedictus 42 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_42_b.krn

Benedictus 43 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_43_a.krn

Benedictus 43 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_43_b.krn

Benedictus 44 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_44_a.krn

Benedictus 44 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_44_b.krn

Benedictus 45 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_45.krn

Benedictus 46 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_46_a.krn

Benedictus 46 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_46_b.krn

Benedictus 47 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_47.krn

Benedictus 48 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_48.krn

Benedictus 49 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_49.krn

Benedictus 50 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_50.krn

Benedictus 51 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_51_a.krn

Benedictus 51 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_51_b.krn

Benedictus 52 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_52_a.krn

Benedictus 52 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_52_b.krn

Benedictus 53 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_53_a.krn

Benedictus 53 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_53_b.krn

Benedictus 54 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_54_a.krn

Benedictus 54 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_54_b.krn

Benedictus 55 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_55.krn

Benedictus 56 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_56.krn

Benedictus 57 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_57_a.krn

Benedictus 57 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_57_b.krn

Benedictus 58 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_58.krn

Benedictus 59 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_59_a.krn

Benedictus 59 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_59_b.krn

Benedictus 60 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_60.krn

Benedictus 61 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_61_a.krn

Benedictus 61 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_61_b.krn

Benedictus 62 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_62.krn

Benedictus 63 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_63.krn

Benedictus 64 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_64_a.krn

Benedictus 64 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_64_b.krn

Benedictus 65 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_65.krn

Benedictus 66 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_66_a.krn

Benedictus 66 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_66_b.krn

Benedictus 67 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_67.krn

Benedictus 68 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_68_a.krn

Benedictus 68 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_68_b.krn

Benedictus 69 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_69_a.krn

Benedictus 69 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_69_b.krn

Benedictus 70 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_70_a.krn

Benedictus 70 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_70_b.krn

Benedictus 71 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_71_a.krn

Benedictus 71 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_71_b.krn

Benedictus 72 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_72_a.krn

Benedictus 72 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_72_b.krn

Benedictus 73 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_73_a.krn

Benedictus 73 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_73_b.krn

Benedictus 74 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_74.krn

Benedictus 75 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_75.krn

Benedictus 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_76.krn

Benedictus 77 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_77_a.krn

Benedictus 77 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_77_b.krn

Benedictus 78 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_78.krn

Benedictus 79 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_79_a.krn

Benedictus 79 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_79_b.krn

Benedictus 80 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_80_a.krn

Benedictus 80 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_80_b.krn

Benedictus 81 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_81.krn

Benedictus 82 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_82.krn

Benedictus 83 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_83_a.krn

Benedictus 83 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_83_b.krn

Benedictus 84 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_84_a.krn

Benedictus 84 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_84_b.krn

Benedictus 85 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_85_a.krn

Benedictus 85 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_85_b.krn

Benedictus 86 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_86.krn

Benedictus 87 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_87_a.krn

Benedictus 87 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_87_b.krn

Benedictus 88 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_88_a.krn

Benedictus 88 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_88_b.krn

Benedictus 89 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_89_a.krn

Benedictus 89 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_89_b.krn

Benedictus 90 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_90_a.krn

Benedictus 90 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_90_b.krn

Benedictus 91 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_91.krn

Benedictus 92 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_92_a.krn

Benedictus 92 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_92_b.krn

Benedictus 93 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_93_a.krn

Benedictus 93 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_93_b.krn

Benedictus 94 A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_94_a.krn

Benedictus 94 B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_94_b.krn

Benedictus 95 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_95.krn

Benedictus 96 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_96.krn

Benedictus 97 (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_97.krn

Benedictus A (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_a.krn

Benedictus B (humdrum): palestrina/Benedictus_b.krn

Credo 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_00.krn

Credo 02 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_02_a.krn

Credo 02 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_02_b.krn

Credo 02 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_02_c.krn

Credo 03 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_03_a.krn

Credo 03 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_03_b.krn

Credo 03 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_03_c.krn

Credo 03 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_03_d.krn

Credo 04 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_04_a.krn

Credo 04 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_04_b.krn

Credo 04 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_04_c.krn

Credo 04 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_04_d.krn

Credo 05 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_05_a.krn

Credo 05 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_05_b.krn

Credo 05 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_05_c.krn

Credo 06 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_a.krn

Credo 06 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_b.krn

Credo 06 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_c.krn

Credo 06 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_d.krn

Credo 06 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_e.krn

Credo 06 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_f.krn

Credo 06 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_g.krn

Credo 06 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_h.krn

Credo 06 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_06_i.krn

Credo 07 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_07_a.krn

Credo 07 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_07_b.krn

Credo 07 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_07_c.krn

Credo 08 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_08_a.krn

Credo 08 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_08_b.krn

Credo 08 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_08_c.krn

Credo 09 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_09_a.krn

Credo 09 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_09_b.krn

Credo 09 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_09_c.krn

Credo 10 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_a.krn

Credo 10 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_b.krn

Credo 10 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_c.krn

Credo 10 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_d.krn

Credo 10 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_e.krn

Credo 10 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_f.krn

Credo 10 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_g.krn

Credo 10 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_h.krn

Credo 10 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_10_i.krn

Credo 11 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_11_a.krn

Credo 11 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_11_b.krn

Credo 11 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_11_c.krn

Credo 11 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_11_d.krn

Credo 11 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_11_e.krn

Credo 12 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_12_a.krn

Credo 12 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_12_b.krn

Credo 12 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_12_c.krn

Credo 12 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_12_d.krn

Credo 13 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_13_a.krn

Credo 13 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_13_b.krn

Credo 13 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_13_c.krn

Credo 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_14.krn

Credo 15 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_15_a.krn

Credo 15 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_15_b.krn

Credo 15 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_15_c.krn

Credo 15 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_15_d.krn

Credo 15 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_15_e.krn

Credo 15 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_15_f.krn

Credo 16 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_a.krn

Credo 16 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_b.krn

Credo 16 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_c.krn

Credo 16 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_d.krn

Credo 16 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_e.krn

Credo 16 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_f.krn

Credo 16 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_16_g.krn

Credo 17 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_17_a.krn

Credo 17 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_17_b.krn

Credo 17 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_17_c.krn

Credo 18 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_18_a.krn

Credo 18 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_18_b.krn

Credo 18 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_18_c.krn

Credo 18 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_18_d.krn

Credo 19 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_19_a.krn

Credo 19 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_19_b.krn

Credo 19 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_19_c.krn

Credo 19 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_19_d.krn

Credo 20 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_20_a.krn

Credo 20 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_20_b.krn

Credo 20 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_20_c.krn

Credo 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_21.krn

Credo 22 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_22_a.krn

Credo 22 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_22_b.krn

Credo 22 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_22_c.krn

Credo 22 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_22_d.krn

Credo 23 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_23_a.krn

Credo 23 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_23_b.krn

Credo 23 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_23_c.krn

Credo 24 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_24_a.krn

Credo 24 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_24_b.krn

Credo 24 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_24_c.krn

Credo 25 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_25_a.krn

Credo 25 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_25_b.krn

Credo 25 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_25_c.krn

Credo 26 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_26.krn

Credo 27 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_27.krn

Credo 28 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_28_a.krn

Credo 28 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_28_b.krn

Credo 28 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_28_c.krn

Credo 29 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_a.krn

Credo 29 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_b.krn

Credo 29 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_c.krn

Credo 29 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_d.krn

Credo 29 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_e.krn

Credo 29 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_f.krn

Credo 29 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_29_g.krn

Credo 30 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_a.krn

Credo 30 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_b.krn

Credo 30 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_c.krn

Credo 30 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_d.krn

Credo 30 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_e.krn

Credo 30 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_f.krn

Credo 30 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_g.krn

Credo 30 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_30_h.krn

Credo 31 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_a.krn

Credo 31 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_b.krn

Credo 31 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_c.krn

Credo 31 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_d.krn

Credo 31 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_e.krn

Credo 31 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_f.krn

Credo 31 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_g.krn

Credo 31 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_h.krn

Credo 31 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_31_i.krn

Credo 32 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_a.krn

Credo 32 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_b.krn

Credo 32 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_c.krn

Credo 32 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_d.krn

Credo 32 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_e.krn

Credo 32 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_f.krn

Credo 32 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_g.krn

Credo 32 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_h.krn

Credo 32 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_32_i.krn

Credo 33 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_33_a.krn

Credo 33 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_33_b.krn

Credo 33 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_33_c.krn

Credo 34 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_34.krn

Credo 35 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_35_a.krn

Credo 35 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_35_b.krn

Credo 35 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_35_c.krn

Credo 36 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_36.krn

Credo 37 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_37_a.krn

Credo 37 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_37_b.krn

Credo 37 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_37_c.krn

Credo 38 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_38_a.krn

Credo 38 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_38_b.krn

Credo 38 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_38_c.krn

Credo 39 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_39_a.krn

Credo 39 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_39_b.krn

Credo 39 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_39_c.krn

Credo 39 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_39_d.krn

Credo 39 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_39_e.krn

Credo 39 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_39_f.krn

Credo 40 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_40_a.krn

Credo 40 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_40_b.krn

Credo 40 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_40_c.krn

Credo 41 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_41_a.krn

Credo 41 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_41_b.krn

Credo 41 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_41_c.krn

Credo 42 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_42_a.krn

Credo 42 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_42_b.krn

Credo 42 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_42_c.krn

Credo 43 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_43_a.krn

Credo 43 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_43_b.krn

Credo 43 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_43_c.krn

Credo 44 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_44_a.krn

Credo 44 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_44_b.krn

Credo 44 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_44_c.krn

Credo 45 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_45_a.krn

Credo 45 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_45_b.krn

Credo 45 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_45_c.krn

Credo 45 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_45_d.krn

Credo 45 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_45_e.krn

Credo 46 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_46_a.krn

Credo 46 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_46_b.krn

Credo 46 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_46_c.krn

Credo 46 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_46_d.krn

Credo 47 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_47_a.krn

Credo 47 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_47_b.krn

Credo 47 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_47_c.krn

Credo 47 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_47_d.krn

Credo 47 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_47_e.krn

Credo 48 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_48_a.krn

Credo 48 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_48_b.krn

Credo 48 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_48_c.krn

Credo 49 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_49_a.krn

Credo 49 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_49_b.krn

Credo 49 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_49_c.krn

Credo 50 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_50_a.krn

Credo 50 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_50_b.krn

Credo 50 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_50_c.krn

Credo 51 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_51_a.krn

Credo 51 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_51_b.krn

Credo 51 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_51_c.krn

Credo 51 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_51_d.krn

Credo 52 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_52_a.krn

Credo 52 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_52_b.krn

Credo 52 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_52_c.krn

Credo 53 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_53_a.krn

Credo 53 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_53_b.krn

Credo 53 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_53_c.krn

Credo 54 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_54_a.krn

Credo 54 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_54_b.krn

Credo 54 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_54_c.krn

Credo 54 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_54_d.krn

Credo 54 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_54_e.krn

Credo 54 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_54_f.krn

Credo 55 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_55_a.krn

Credo 55 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_55_b.krn

Credo 55 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_55_c.krn

Credo 55 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_55_d.krn

Credo 55 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_55_e.krn

Credo 55 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_55_f.krn

Credo 56 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_56_a.krn

Credo 56 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_56_b.krn

Credo 56 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_56_c.krn

Credo 56 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_56_d.krn

Credo 57 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_57_a.krn

Credo 57 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_57_b.krn

Credo 57 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_57_c.krn

Credo 58 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_58_a.krn

Credo 58 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_58_b.krn

Credo 58 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_58_c.krn

Credo 59 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_59_a.krn

Credo 59 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_59_b.krn

Credo 59 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_59_c.krn

Credo 60 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_60_a.krn

Credo 60 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_60_b.krn

Credo 60 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_60_c.krn

Credo 60 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_60_d.krn

Credo 60 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_60_e.krn

Credo 61 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_61_a.krn

Credo 61 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_61_b.krn

Credo 61 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_61_c.krn

Credo 62 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_62_a.krn

Credo 62 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_62_b.krn

Credo 62 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_62_c.krn

Credo 63 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_63_a.krn

Credo 63 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_63_b.krn

Credo 63 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_63_c.krn

Credo 63 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_63_d.krn

Credo 64 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_64_a.krn

Credo 64 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_64_b.krn

Credo 64 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_64_c.krn

Credo 65 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_a.krn

Credo 65 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_b.krn

Credo 65 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_c.krn

Credo 65 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_d.krn

Credo 65 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_e.krn

Credo 65 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_f.krn

Credo 65 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_g.krn

Credo 65 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_h.krn

Credo 65 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_65_i.krn

Credo 66 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_a.krn

Credo 66 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_b.krn

Credo 66 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_c.krn

Credo 66 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_d.krn

Credo 66 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_e.krn

Credo 66 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_f.krn

Credo 66 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_g.krn

Credo 66 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_h.krn

Credo 66 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_66_i.krn

Credo 67 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_67_a.krn

Credo 67 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_67_b.krn

Credo 67 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_67_c.krn

Credo 67 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_67_d.krn

Credo 67 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_67_e.krn

Credo 67 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_67_f.krn

Credo 68 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_68_a.krn

Credo 68 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_68_b.krn

Credo 68 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_68_c.krn

Credo 68 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_68_d.krn

Credo 68 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_68_e.krn

Credo 69 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_69_a.krn

Credo 69 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_69_b.krn

Credo 69 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_69_c.krn

Credo 70 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_a.krn

Credo 70 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_b.krn

Credo 70 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_c.krn

Credo 70 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_d.krn

Credo 70 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_e.krn

Credo 70 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_f.krn

Credo 70 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_g.krn

Credo 70 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_h.krn

Credo 70 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_70_i.krn

Credo 71 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_a.krn

Credo 71 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_b.krn

Credo 71 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_c.krn

Credo 71 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_d.krn

Credo 71 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_e.krn

Credo 71 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_f.krn

Credo 71 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_g.krn

Credo 71 H (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_h.krn

Credo 71 I (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_71_i.krn

Credo 72 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_72_a.krn

Credo 72 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_72_b.krn

Credo 72 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_72_c.krn

Credo 73 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_73_a.krn

Credo 73 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_73_b.krn

Credo 73 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_73_c.krn

Credo 74 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_74_a.krn

Credo 74 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_74_b.krn

Credo 74 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_74_c.krn

Credo 75 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_75_a.krn

Credo 75 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_75_b.krn

Credo 75 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_75_c.krn

Credo 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_76.krn

Credo 77 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_77_a.krn

Credo 77 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_77_b.krn

Credo 77 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_77_c.krn

Credo 78 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_78_a.krn

Credo 78 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_78_b.krn

Credo 78 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_78_c.krn

Credo 79 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_79_a.krn

Credo 79 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_79_b.krn

Credo 79 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_79_c.krn

Credo 80 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_80_a.krn

Credo 80 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_80_b.krn

Credo 80 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_80_c.krn

Credo 80 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_80_d.krn

Credo 80 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_80_e.krn

Credo 80 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_80_f.krn

Credo 81 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_81_a.krn

Credo 81 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_81_b.krn

Credo 81 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_81_c.krn

Credo 81 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_81_d.krn

Credo 81 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_81_e.krn

Credo 81 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_81_f.krn

Credo 82 (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_82.krn

Credo 83 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_83_a.krn

Credo 83 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_83_b.krn

Credo 83 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_83_c.krn

Credo 84 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_84_a.krn

Credo 84 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_84_b.krn

Credo 84 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_84_c.krn

Credo 85 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_85_a.krn

Credo 85 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_85_b.krn

Credo 85 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_85_c.krn

Credo 85 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_85_d.krn

Credo 85 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_85_e.krn

Credo 86 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_86_a.krn

Credo 86 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_86_b.krn

Credo 86 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_86_c.krn

Credo 86 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_86_d.krn

Credo 87 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_a.krn

Credo 87 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_b.krn

Credo 87 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_c.krn

Credo 87 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_d.krn

Credo 87 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_e.krn

Credo 87 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_f.krn

Credo 87 G (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_87_g.krn

Credo 88 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_88_a.krn

Credo 88 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_88_b.krn

Credo 88 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_88_c.krn

Credo 89 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_89_a.krn

Credo 89 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_89_b.krn

Credo 89 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_89_c.krn

Credo 90 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_90_a.krn

Credo 90 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_90_b.krn

Credo 90 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_90_c.krn

Credo 90 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_90_d.krn

Credo 91 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_91_a.krn

Credo 91 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_91_b.krn

Credo 91 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_91_c.krn

Credo 92 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_92_a.krn

Credo 92 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_92_b.krn

Credo 92 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_92_c.krn

Credo 92 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_92_d.krn

Credo 92 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_92_e.krn

Credo 92 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_92_f.krn

Credo 93 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_93_a.krn

Credo 93 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_93_b.krn

Credo 93 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_93_c.krn

Credo 94 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_94_a.krn

Credo 94 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_94_b.krn

Credo 94 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_94_c.krn

Credo 95 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_95_a.krn

Credo 95 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_95_b.krn

Credo 95 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_95_c.krn

Credo 96 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_96_a.krn

Credo 96 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_96_b.krn

Credo 96 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_96_c.krn

Credo 97 A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_97_a.krn

Credo 97 B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_97_b.krn

Credo 97 C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_97_c.krn

Credo 97 D (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_97_d.krn

Credo 97 E (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_97_e.krn

Credo 97 F (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_97_f.krn

Credo A (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_a.krn

Credo B (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_b.krn

Credo C (humdrum): palestrina/Credo_c.krn

Gloria (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria.krn

Gloria 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_00.krn

Gloria 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_02.krn

Gloria 03 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_03.krn

Gloria 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_04.krn

Gloria 05 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_05.krn

Gloria 06 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_06_a.krn

Gloria 06 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_06_b.krn

Gloria 06 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_06_c.krn

Gloria 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_07.krn

Gloria 08 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_08.krn

Gloria 09 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_09.krn

Gloria 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_10.krn

Gloria 11 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_11.krn

Gloria 12 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_12.krn

Gloria 13 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_13_a.krn

Gloria 13 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_13_b.krn

Gloria 14 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_a.krn

Gloria 14 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_b.krn

Gloria 14 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_c.krn

Gloria 14 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_d.krn

Gloria 14 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_e.krn

Gloria 14 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_f.krn

Gloria 14 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_g.krn

Gloria 14 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_h.krn

Gloria 14 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_14_i.krn

Gloria 15 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_a.krn

Gloria 15 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_b.krn

Gloria 15 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_c.krn

Gloria 15 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_d.krn

Gloria 15 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_e.krn

Gloria 15 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_f.krn

Gloria 15 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_g.krn

Gloria 15 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_h.krn

Gloria 15 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_15_i.krn

Gloria 16 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_a.krn

Gloria 16 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_b.krn

Gloria 16 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_c.krn

Gloria 16 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_d.krn

Gloria 16 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_e.krn

Gloria 16 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_f.krn

Gloria 16 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_g.krn

Gloria 16 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_h.krn

Gloria 16 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_16_i.krn

Gloria 17 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_a.krn

Gloria 17 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_b.krn

Gloria 17 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_c.krn

Gloria 17 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_d.krn

Gloria 17 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_e.krn

Gloria 17 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_f.krn

Gloria 17 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_g.krn

Gloria 17 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_h.krn

Gloria 17 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_17_i.krn

Gloria 18 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_18.krn

Gloria 19 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_19_a.krn

Gloria 19 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_19_b.krn

Gloria 19 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_19_c.krn

Gloria 20 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_20_a.krn

Gloria 20 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_20_b.krn

Gloria 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_21.krn

Gloria 22 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_22.krn

Gloria 23 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_23.krn

Gloria 24 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_24.krn

Gloria 25 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_25.krn

Gloria 26 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_26.krn

Gloria 27 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_27.krn

Gloria 28 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_28_a.krn

Gloria 28 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_28_b.krn

Gloria 29 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_29.krn

Gloria 30 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_30.krn

Gloria 31 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_31_a.krn

Gloria 31 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_31_b.krn

Gloria 31 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_31_c.krn

Gloria 32 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_32.krn

Gloria 33 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_a.krn

Gloria 33 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_b.krn

Gloria 33 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_c.krn

Gloria 33 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_d.krn

Gloria 33 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_e.krn

Gloria 33 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_f.krn

Gloria 33 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_g.krn

Gloria 33 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_h.krn

Gloria 33 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_33_i.krn

Gloria 34 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_a.krn

Gloria 34 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_b.krn

Gloria 34 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_c.krn

Gloria 34 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_d.krn

Gloria 34 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_e.krn

Gloria 34 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_f.krn

Gloria 34 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_g.krn

Gloria 34 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_h.krn

Gloria 34 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_34_i.krn

Gloria 35 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_35.krn

Gloria 36 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_36.krn

Gloria 37 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_37.krn

Gloria 38 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_38.krn

Gloria 39 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_39.krn

Gloria 40 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_40.krn

Gloria 41 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_41.krn

Gloria 42 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_42.krn

Gloria 43 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_43_a.krn

Gloria 43 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_43_b.krn

Gloria 44 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_44_a.krn

Gloria 44 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_44_b.krn

Gloria 45 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_45.krn

Gloria 46 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_46.krn

Gloria 47 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_47.krn

Gloria 48 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_48.krn

Gloria 49 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_49_a.krn

Gloria 49 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_49_b.krn

Gloria 49 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_49_c.krn

Gloria 49 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_49_d.krn

Gloria 50 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_50.krn

Gloria 51 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_51.krn

Gloria 52 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_52.krn

Gloria 53 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_53.krn

Gloria 54 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_54.krn

Gloria 55 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_55.krn

Gloria 56 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_56_a.krn

Gloria 56 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_56_b.krn

Gloria 57 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_57.krn

Gloria 58 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_58.krn

Gloria 59 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_59.krn

Gloria 60 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_60.krn

Gloria 61 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_61_a.krn

Gloria 61 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_61_b.krn

Gloria 62 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_62_a.krn

Gloria 62 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_62_b.krn

Gloria 63 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_63.krn

Gloria 64 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_64.krn

Gloria 65 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_65_a.krn

Gloria 65 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_65_b.krn

Gloria 66 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_66_a.krn

Gloria 66 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_66_b.krn

Gloria 66 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_66_c.krn

Gloria 67 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_67.krn

Gloria 68 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_a.krn

Gloria 68 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_b.krn

Gloria 68 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_c.krn

Gloria 68 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_d.krn

Gloria 68 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_e.krn

Gloria 68 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_f.krn

Gloria 68 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_g.krn

Gloria 68 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_h.krn

Gloria 68 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_68_i.krn

Gloria 69 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_a.krn

Gloria 69 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_b.krn

Gloria 69 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_c.krn

Gloria 69 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_d.krn

Gloria 69 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_e.krn

Gloria 69 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_f.krn

Gloria 69 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_g.krn

Gloria 69 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_h.krn

Gloria 69 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_69_i.krn

Gloria 70 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_70_a.krn

Gloria 70 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_70_b.krn

Gloria 70 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_70_c.krn

Gloria 70 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_70_d.krn

Gloria 71 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_71.krn

Gloria 72 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_72.krn

Gloria 73 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_a.krn

Gloria 73 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_b.krn

Gloria 73 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_c.krn

Gloria 73 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_d.krn

Gloria 73 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_e.krn

Gloria 73 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_f.krn

Gloria 73 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_g.krn

Gloria 73 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_h.krn

Gloria 73 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_73_i.krn

Gloria 74 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_a.krn

Gloria 74 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_b.krn

Gloria 74 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_c.krn

Gloria 74 D (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_d.krn

Gloria 74 E (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_e.krn

Gloria 74 F (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_f.krn

Gloria 74 G (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_g.krn

Gloria 74 H (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_h.krn

Gloria 74 I (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_74_i.krn

Gloria 75 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_75.krn

Gloria 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_76.krn

Gloria 77 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_77_a.krn

Gloria 77 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_77_b.krn

Gloria 78 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_78_a.krn

Gloria 78 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_78_b.krn

Gloria 78 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_78_c.krn

Gloria 79 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_79.krn

Gloria 80 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_80.krn

Gloria 81 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_81_a.krn

Gloria 81 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_81_b.krn

Gloria 81 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_81_c.krn

Gloria 82 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_82_a.krn

Gloria 82 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_82_b.krn

Gloria 83 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_83.krn

Gloria 84 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_84.krn

Gloria 85 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_85.krn

Gloria 86 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_86.krn

Gloria 87 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_87.krn

Gloria 88 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_88.krn

Gloria 89 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_89.krn

Gloria 90 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_90_a.krn

Gloria 90 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_90_b.krn

Gloria 90 C (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_90_c.krn

Gloria 91 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_91.krn

Gloria 92 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_92.krn

Gloria 93 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_93_a.krn

Gloria 93 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_93_b.krn

Gloria 94 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_94.krn

Gloria 95 A (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_95_a.krn

Gloria 95 B (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_95_b.krn

Gloria 96 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_96.krn

Gloria 97 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_97.krn

Gloria 98 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_98.krn

Gloria 99 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_99.krn

Gloria Of 1600 (humdrum): palestrina/Gloria_of_1600.krn

Kyrie 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_00.krn

Kyrie 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_02.krn

Kyrie 03 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_03_a.krn

Kyrie 03 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_03_b.krn

Kyrie 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_04.krn

Kyrie 05 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_05_a.krn

Kyrie 05 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_05_b.krn

Kyrie 06 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_06_a.krn

Kyrie 06 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_06_b.krn

Kyrie 06 C (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_06_c.krn

Kyrie 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_07.krn

Kyrie 09 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_09.krn

Kyrie 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_10.krn

Kyrie 100 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_100.krn

Kyrie 101 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_101.krn

Kyrie 102 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_102.krn

Kyrie 103 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_103.krn

Kyrie 104 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_104.krn

Kyrie 11 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_11.krn

Kyrie 12 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_12.krn

Kyrie 13 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_13.krn

Kyrie 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_14.krn

Kyrie 15 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_15.krn

Kyrie 16 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_16_a.krn

Kyrie 16 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_16_b.krn

Kyrie 17 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_17.krn

Kyrie 18 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_18.krn

Kyrie 19 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_19_a.krn

Kyrie 19 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_19_b.krn

Kyrie 20 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_20.krn

Kyrie 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_21.krn

Kyrie 22 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_22.krn

Kyrie 23 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_23.krn

Kyrie 25 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_25.krn

Kyrie 26 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_26_a.krn

Kyrie 26 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_26_b.krn

Kyrie 27 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_27_a.krn

Kyrie 27 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_27_b.krn

Kyrie 28 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_28.krn

Kyrie 29 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_29.krn

Kyrie 30 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_30.krn

Kyrie 31 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_31_a.krn

Kyrie 31 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_31_b.krn

Kyrie 32 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_32.krn

Kyrie 33 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_33.krn

Kyrie 34 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_34_a.krn

Kyrie 34 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_34_b.krn

Kyrie 35 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_35_a.krn

Kyrie 35 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_35_b.krn

Kyrie 36 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_36.krn

Kyrie 37 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_37.krn

Kyrie 38 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_38.krn

Kyrie 39 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_39.krn

Kyrie 40 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_40.krn

Kyrie 41 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_41.krn

Kyrie 42 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_42_a.krn

Kyrie 42 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_42_b.krn

Kyrie 43 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_43.krn

Kyrie 44 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_44.krn

Kyrie 45 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_45_a.krn

Kyrie 45 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_45_b.krn

Kyrie 46 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_46.krn

Kyrie 47 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_47.krn

Kyrie 48 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_48.krn

Kyrie 49 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_49.krn

Kyrie 50 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_50.krn

Kyrie 51 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_51.krn

Kyrie 52 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_52.krn

Kyrie 53 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_53_a.krn

Kyrie 53 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_53_b.krn

Kyrie 54 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_54_a.krn

Kyrie 54 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_54_b.krn

Kyrie 55 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_55.krn

Kyrie 56 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_56.krn

Kyrie 57 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_57_a.krn

Kyrie 57 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_57_b.krn

Kyrie 58 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_58.krn

Kyrie 59 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_59.krn

Kyrie 60 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_60.krn

Kyrie 61 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_61_a.krn

Kyrie 61 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_61_b.krn

Kyrie 62 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_62_a.krn

Kyrie 62 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_62_b.krn

Kyrie 63 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_63.krn

Kyrie 64 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_64_a.krn

Kyrie 64 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_64_b.krn

Kyrie 65 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_65.krn

Kyrie 66 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_66_a.krn

Kyrie 66 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_66_b.krn

Kyrie 67 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_67.krn

Kyrie 68 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_68.krn

Kyrie 70 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_70_a.krn

Kyrie 70 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_70_b.krn

Kyrie 71 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_71.krn

Kyrie 72 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_72.krn

Kyrie 73 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_73.krn

Kyrie 74 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_74.krn

Kyrie 75 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_75.krn

Kyrie 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_76.krn

Kyrie 77 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_77.krn

Kyrie 78 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_78.krn

Kyrie 79 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_79.krn

Kyrie 80 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_80.krn

Kyrie 81 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_81_a.krn

Kyrie 81 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_81_b.krn

Kyrie 82 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_82.krn

Kyrie 83 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_83.krn

Kyrie 84 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_84.krn

Kyrie 85 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_85.krn

Kyrie 86 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_86.krn

Kyrie 87 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_87.krn

Kyrie 88 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_88_a.krn

Kyrie 88 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_88_b.krn

Kyrie 89 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_89.krn

Kyrie 90 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_90.krn

Kyrie 91 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_91.krn

Kyrie 92 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_92_a.krn

Kyrie 92 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_92_b.krn

Kyrie 93 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_93.krn

Kyrie 94 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_94.krn

Kyrie 95 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_95_a.krn

Kyrie 95 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_95_b.krn

Kyrie 96 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_96.krn

Kyrie 97 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_97.krn

Kyrie 98 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_98_a.krn

Kyrie 98 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_98_b.krn

Kyrie 99 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_99.krn

Kyrie I I (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II.krn

Kyrie I I 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_00.krn

Kyrie I I 01 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_01.krn

Kyrie I I 02 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_02.krn

Kyrie I I 03 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_03.krn

Kyrie I I 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_04.krn

Kyrie I I 05 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_05.krn

Kyrie I I 06 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_06.krn

Kyrie I I 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_07.krn

Kyrie I I 08 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_08.krn

Kyrie I I 09 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_09.krn

Kyrie I I 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_10.krn

Kyrie I I 11 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_11_a.krn

Kyrie I I 11 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_11_b.krn

Kyrie I I 12 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_12.krn

Kyrie I I 13 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_13.krn

Kyrie I I 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_14.krn

Kyrie I I 15 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_15.krn

Kyrie I I 16 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_16.krn

Kyrie I I 17 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_17.krn

Kyrie I I 18 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_18.krn

Kyrie I I 19 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_19.krn

Kyrie I I 20 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_20.krn

Kyrie I I 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_21.krn

Kyrie I I 22 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_22.krn

Kyrie I I 23 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_23.krn

Kyrie I I 24 A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_24_a.krn

Kyrie I I 24 B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_24_b.krn

Kyrie I I 25 (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_II_25.krn

Kyrie A (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_a.krn

Kyrie B (humdrum): palestrina/Kyrie_b.krn

Sanctus 00 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_00_a.krn

Sanctus 00 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_00_b.krn

Sanctus 00 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_00_c.krn

Sanctus 01 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_01_a.krn

Sanctus 01 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_01_b.krn

Sanctus 01 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_01_c.krn

Sanctus 02 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_02_a.krn

Sanctus 02 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_02_b.krn

Sanctus 03 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_03_a.krn

Sanctus 03 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_03_b.krn

Sanctus 03 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_03_c.krn

Sanctus 04 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_04.krn

Sanctus 05 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_05_a.krn

Sanctus 05 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_05_b.krn

Sanctus 05 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_05_c.krn

Sanctus 06 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_06_a.krn

Sanctus 06 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_06_b.krn

Sanctus 06 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_06_c.krn

Sanctus 07 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_07.krn

Sanctus 08 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_08.krn

Sanctus 09 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_09_a.krn

Sanctus 09 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_09_b.krn

Sanctus 09 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_09_c.krn

Sanctus 10 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_10.krn

Sanctus 11 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_11_a.krn

Sanctus 11 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_11_b.krn

Sanctus 11 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_11_c.krn

Sanctus 12 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_12_a.krn

Sanctus 12 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_12_b.krn

Sanctus 12 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_12_c.krn

Sanctus 13 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_13.krn

Sanctus 14 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_14.krn

Sanctus 15 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_15_a.krn

Sanctus 15 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_15_b.krn

Sanctus 15 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_15_c.krn

Sanctus 16 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_16_a.krn

Sanctus 16 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_16_b.krn

Sanctus 17 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_17.krn

Sanctus 18 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_18.krn

Sanctus 19 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_19.krn

Sanctus 20 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_20.krn

Sanctus 21 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_21.krn

Sanctus 22 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_22_a.krn

Sanctus 22 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_22_b.krn

Sanctus 22 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_22_c.krn

Sanctus 23 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_23.krn

Sanctus 24 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_24_a.krn

Sanctus 24 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_24_b.krn

Sanctus 24 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_24_c.krn

Sanctus 25 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_25.krn

Sanctus 26 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_26_a.krn

Sanctus 26 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_26_b.krn

Sanctus 26 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_26_c.krn

Sanctus 27 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_27.krn

Sanctus 28 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_28_a.krn

Sanctus 28 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_28_b.krn

Sanctus 28 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_28_c.krn

Sanctus 29 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_29.krn

Sanctus 30 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_30_a.krn

Sanctus 30 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_30_b.krn

Sanctus 30 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_30_c.krn

Sanctus 30 D (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_30_d.krn

Sanctus 31 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_31_a.krn

Sanctus 31 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_31_b.krn

Sanctus 31 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_31_c.krn

Sanctus 32 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_32.krn

Sanctus 33 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_33.krn

Sanctus 34 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_34.krn

Sanctus 35 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_35.krn

Sanctus 36 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_36.krn

Sanctus 37 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_37.krn

Sanctus 38 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_38.krn

Sanctus 39 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_39.krn

Sanctus 40 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_40.krn

Sanctus 41 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_41.krn

Sanctus 42 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_42.krn

Sanctus 43 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_43.krn

Sanctus 44 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_44.krn

Sanctus 45 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_45_a.krn

Sanctus 45 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_45_b.krn

Sanctus 46 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_46.krn

Sanctus 47 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_47_a.krn

Sanctus 47 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_47_b.krn

Sanctus 47 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_47_c.krn

Sanctus 48 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_48_a.krn

Sanctus 48 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_48_b.krn

Sanctus 48 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_48_c.krn

Sanctus 49 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_49_a.krn

Sanctus 49 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_49_b.krn

Sanctus 49 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_49_c.krn

Sanctus 50 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_50_a.krn

Sanctus 50 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_50_b.krn

Sanctus 50 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_50_c.krn

Sanctus 51 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_51.krn

Sanctus 52 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_52.krn

Sanctus 53 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_53.krn

Sanctus 54 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_54_a.krn

Sanctus 54 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_54_b.krn

Sanctus 54 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_54_c.krn

Sanctus 55 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_55_a.krn

Sanctus 55 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_55_b.krn

Sanctus 55 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_55_c.krn

Sanctus 56 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_56_a.krn

Sanctus 56 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_56_b.krn

Sanctus 56 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_56_c.krn

Sanctus 57 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_57.krn

Sanctus 58 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_58.krn

Sanctus 59 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_59.krn

Sanctus 60 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_60_a.krn

Sanctus 60 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_60_b.krn

Sanctus 60 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_60_c.krn

Sanctus 60 D (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_60_d.krn

Sanctus 61 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_61_a.krn

Sanctus 61 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_61_b.krn

Sanctus 62 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_62_a.krn

Sanctus 62 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_62_b.krn

Sanctus 62 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_62_c.krn

Sanctus 63 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_63_a.krn

Sanctus 63 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_63_b.krn

Sanctus 63 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_63_c.krn

Sanctus 64 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_64.krn

Sanctus 65 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_65_a.krn

Sanctus 65 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_65_b.krn

Sanctus 65 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_65_c.krn

Sanctus 66 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_66_a.krn

Sanctus 66 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_66_b.krn

Sanctus 66 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_66_c.krn

Sanctus 67 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_67_a.krn

Sanctus 67 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_67_b.krn

Sanctus 67 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_67_c.krn

Sanctus 68 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_68_a.krn

Sanctus 68 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_68_b.krn

Sanctus 68 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_68_c.krn

Sanctus 69 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_69_a.krn

Sanctus 69 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_69_b.krn

Sanctus 70 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_70_a.krn

Sanctus 70 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_70_b.krn

Sanctus 70 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_70_c.krn

Sanctus 71 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_71_a.krn

Sanctus 71 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_71_b.krn

Sanctus 72 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_72_a.krn

Sanctus 72 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_72_b.krn

Sanctus 72 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_72_c.krn

Sanctus 73 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_73_a.krn

Sanctus 73 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_73_b.krn

Sanctus 73 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_73_c.krn

Sanctus 74 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_74.krn

Sanctus 75 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_75_a.krn

Sanctus 75 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_75_b.krn

Sanctus 75 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_75_c.krn

Sanctus 76 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_76.krn

Sanctus 77 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_77_a.krn

Sanctus 77 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_77_b.krn

Sanctus 78 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_78.krn

Sanctus 79 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_79_a.krn

Sanctus 79 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_79_b.krn

Sanctus 79 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_79_c.krn

Sanctus 80 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_80.krn

Sanctus 81 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_81.krn

Sanctus 82 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_82.krn

Sanctus 83 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_83_a.krn

Sanctus 83 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_83_b.krn

Sanctus 83 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_83_c.krn

Sanctus 84 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_84.krn

Sanctus 85 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_85.krn

Sanctus 86 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_86.krn

Sanctus 87 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_87_a.krn

Sanctus 87 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_87_b.krn

Sanctus 87 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_87_c.krn

Sanctus 88 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_88.krn

Sanctus 89 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_89_a.krn

Sanctus 89 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_89_b.krn

Sanctus 89 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_89_c.krn

Sanctus 90 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_90.krn

Sanctus 91 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_91.krn

Sanctus 92 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_92_a.krn

Sanctus 92 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_92_b.krn

Sanctus 92 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_92_c.krn

Sanctus 93 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_93.krn

Sanctus 94 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_94_a.krn

Sanctus 94 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_94_b.krn

Sanctus 95 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_95.krn

Sanctus 96 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_96_a.krn

Sanctus 96 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_96_b.krn

Sanctus 97 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_97.krn

Sanctus 98 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_98_a.krn

Sanctus 98 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_98_b.krn

Sanctus 98 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_98_c.krn

Sanctus A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_a.krn

Sanctus B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_b.krn

Sanctus C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_c.krn

Sanctus Rpt 00 (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_00.krn

Sanctus Rpt 01 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_01_a.krn

Sanctus Rpt 01 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_01_b.krn

Sanctus Rpt 01 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_01_c.krn

Sanctus Rpt 02 A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_02_a.krn

Sanctus Rpt 02 B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_02_b.krn

Sanctus Rpt 02 C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_02_c.krn

Sanctus Rpt A (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_a.krn

Sanctus Rpt B (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_b.krn

Sanctus Rpt C (humdrum): palestrina/Sanctus_rpt_c.krn

Ryan’s Mammoth Collection

To get all works collected in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('ryansMammoth')

42 D Highland Regiment Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

7 Th Regiment Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

A Willie We Have Missd You Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Abitha Muggins Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Acacia Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Acrobats Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Admirals Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

After The Hare Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Albemarle Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Aldridges Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Alhambra Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Alistair Maclalastair Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

All Aboard Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

All The Go Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

All The Rage Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

All The Way To Galway Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ally Croakers Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Almacks Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Amateur Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Amazon Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

American Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

American Rifle Team Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Andrew Careys Slipjig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Annie Hughes Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Apollo Club Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Arbana Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ariel Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Arkansas Traveller Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Army And Navy Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Around The World Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Aspinwall Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Atlanta Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Autograph Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Avalanche Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Babbits Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bag Of Meal The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Balkan Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ball And Pin Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bamford Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Banish Misfortune (abc): ryansMammoth/

Banjo Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Banks Of Enverness Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bannocks O Barley Meal Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Barney Brallagans Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Barneys Goat Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Battle The Cash Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Beautiful Swanee River Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Beaux Of Oak Hill Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Because He Was A Bonnie Lad Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Beebes Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bees Wings Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bella Union Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belle Of Boston Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belle Of Claremont Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belle Of The Ball Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belle Of The Kitchen Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belle Of The Stage Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belles Of Campbelltown Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belles Of Edinboro Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belles Of Omaha Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belles Of South Boston Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belles Of Tipperary Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bells Of Lewiston Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Belvidere Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ben Butlers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ben Lowrys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bennets Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bernados Favorite Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Best Shot Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Betty Pringles Pig Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Billy O Rourkes Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Billy Pattersons Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Billy The Barber Shaved His Father Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Billy The Kids (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bird On The Wing Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Birmingham Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Black Eyed Lassie Reel The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Black Sheep Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blackberry Blossom Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blackwater Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blanchards Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blind Norrys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blivens Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blodgetts Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blooming Meadows Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blue Bird Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blue Eyed Lassie Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blue Stocking Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Blue Velvet Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bluff Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boatie Rows Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bob Chadducks Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bob Taylors Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bobbing For Eels Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bonanza Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bonnie Annie Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bonnie Kates Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bonnie Lad Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bonnie Lassie Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bonniest Lass In Ayer Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boson Rattlers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boss Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boston Boys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boston Caledonian Clubs Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boston Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bottle Of Brandy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boy In The Gap Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boyle O Reillys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boyne Hunt Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boys In Blue Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Boys Of Bockhill Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Braes Of Auchentyre Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Braes Of Dumblane Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Brazen Mask Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bricklayers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bridal Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bride Of Kildare Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Brightest Eyes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Brisk Young Lads Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Broken Lantern Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Broken Sixpence Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Brooklyn Lasses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Brookside Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Buckleys Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Buckleys Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Buena Vista Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bull Dozer Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bully For You Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bunch Of Roses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Bundle And Go Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Burns Irish Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Butcher Boy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Butchers March Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Butter Milk And Pratees Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Butter Milk Marys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Byrnes Favorite Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cale Smiths Pastime Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Caledonian Club Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Caledonian Hunt Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Caledonian Laddie Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

California Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

California Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Calisthenic Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cameronian Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Camerons Favorite Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Camp Meeting Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Camp Meeting Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Camp Meeting Jig No 2 (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cape Cod Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Captain Holmes Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Captain Kelleys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Carmichaels Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Carnival Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Castle Garden Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Castle Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Castles In The Air Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cat In The Hopper Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Catch Club Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Catholic Bills Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Catholic Boys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Celebrated Stop Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Centennial Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Champion Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Chandlers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Charming Katys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Charming Mollies Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Charter Oak Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cheese It Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cherish The Ladies Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Chorus Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Christmas Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cincinnati Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cinncinnati Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

City Life Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

City Of Savannah Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Clear The Track Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Clemens Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Close To The Floor Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Clyde Side Lassies Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cock And The Hen Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Col Mc Bains Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Colberths Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

College Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Columbia Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Come Till The Bottle House Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Come To The Raffle Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Come To Your Tay Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Come Under My Dimity Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Come Under My Pladdie Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Congress Park Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Connaught Lasses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Connaught Mans Ramble Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Connellys Ale Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Connemaras Pet Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Constitution Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Copenhagen Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Coquette Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Corinthian Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Corkonian Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Corney Is Coming (abc): ryansMammoth/

Corporal Caseys Fancy Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cosmopolitan Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cosmopolite Reel The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cottage Maids Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Countess Of Loudens Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cow Boys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Crabs In The Skillet Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Croppies Lie Down Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cross Road (abc): ryansMammoth/

Croton Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cuckoo Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cup Of Tea Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cupido Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Cupids Frolic Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Curt Lawrences Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Custom House Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Czar Of Russias Favorite Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Daffy Dont You Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dan Backus Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dandy Mikes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Danish Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dark Haired Lass Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dars Sugar In De Gourd Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Days Of Lang Syne Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

De Golyer Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Deer Foot Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Defiance Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Delaware Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Democratic Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Democratic Rage Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Derby Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Devil Among The Tailors Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Devils Dream Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Devils Own Shot Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Devines Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dew Drop Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Diamond Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Diamond Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dick Carrols Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dick Sands Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dickie Rogers Pedestal Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dimen Dru Deelish Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Distant Greeting Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dominion Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Domino Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Donegall Boys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Double Head Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Douglas Favorite Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Downfall Of Water Street Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Drink Of Brandy Slipjig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Drop Of Whiskey Slipjig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Drunken Gangers The Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dublin Boys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dublin Lasses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Duchess Of Athols Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Duncan Davidson Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dundee Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Durangs Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dusty Bobs Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Dusty Millers Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Duxbury Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Early Morn Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ebb Tide Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Echoes From Forest Garden Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Eclipse Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Eclipse Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Eileen Alanna Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Electric Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Elks Festival Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Emigrants Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Emon Acnuck Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Empress Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Erie Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Essence Of Cinnamon Seed (abc): ryansMammoth/

Essence Of Old Kentucky (abc): ryansMammoth/

Essence Of Old Virginny (abc): ryansMammoth/

Essence Of Sugar Cane (abc): ryansMammoth/

Eureka Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Evansville Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Evergreen Lasses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Every Bodys Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Eviction (abc): ryansMammoth/

Excelsior Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Exiles Lament Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Eyes Right (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fagan And Fentons Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fagins Holiday Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fairy Dance Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fantastic Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Farewell Sweet Nora Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Farewell To Erin Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Farrell O Garas Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fasten The Wig On Her Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Favorite Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ferry Bridge Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fife Hunt Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fight About The Fireside Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fijiyama Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fill Up The Bowl Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fire Fly Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fire Him Out Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

First Flirtation Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

First Night In Leadville Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

First Of May Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fishermans Frolic Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fishers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Five Leaved Clover Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flaming O Flanigans Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flat Foot Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flee As A Bird (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fletchers Delight Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fling Dang Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flip Mc Gilders Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flirtation Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flocktons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flogging Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Florida Crackers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flowers Of Cahirciveen Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flowers Of Edinburg Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flowers Of Limerick Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flowers Of Michigan Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flowers Of St Petersburg Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Flowing Tide The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fly By Night Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Forest Flower Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Foresters Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Forget Me Not (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fox Hunters Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Foxie Mary Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Frazers Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Fred Wilsons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Frogs Frolic Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

From Night Till Morn Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

From Shore To Shore Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Game Cock Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Garry Owen Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Garthlands Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Geese In The Bog Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Gem Of Ireland (abc): ryansMammoth/

Gen Longstreets Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Gen Sheridans Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Georgia Crackers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Get On The Train Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Girl I Left Behind Me (abc): ryansMammoth/

Gladiator Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Globe Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Globe Trotters Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Go As You Please Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Gobby O Jig Or Jefferson And Liberty (abc): ryansMammoth/

Golden Eagle Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Golden Gate Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Golden Tresses Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Golden Wedding Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Golden Wreath Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Gollihers Folic Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Good Bye Sweetheart Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Good For The Tongue Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Good Girl The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Good Morrow To Your Night Cap Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Grand Spy Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Grape Vine Twise Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Grays Opera House Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Great Eastern Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Great Western Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Fields Of America Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Flag Is Flying Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Forever Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Groves Of Erin Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Grow The Rushes O Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Hills Of Tyrol Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Sleeves Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Green Trees Of Athol Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Greeting To Ireland Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

H On The Wabash Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Half Penny Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hand Organ Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hang Fire Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Happy To Meet Sorry To Part (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hare In The Corn Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Harlequin Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Harringtons Hall Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Harrisons Celebrated Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Harry Bloodgoods Famous Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Haste To The Wedding Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Have A Drink With Me (abc): ryansMammoth/

Head Light Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Headlight Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Henrietta Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Here And There Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Here Awa Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hewitsons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hey Ca Thro Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hiawatha Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hibernias Pride Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Higgins Best Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Highland Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Highland Skip Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Highway To Dublin Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hills Of Glenurchie Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hippodrome Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hit Or Miss Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hobble The Boutches Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hobbs Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hole In The Wall Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Holmes Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Honey Moon Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hoop De Doo Den Doo Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hop Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hopkins Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Houghs Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Howard Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hulls Victory Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humors Of Castle Lyon Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humors Of Glendart The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humors Of Tufts Street Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humour Of Glen Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humours Of Boston Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humours Of Rockstown Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Humphreys Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hunt The Fox Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Hunting The Hare Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Huntsmans Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Idlewild Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Idyl Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Im Oer Young To Marry Yet Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Im Over Young To Marry Yet Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Indeed Then You Shant Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Indian River Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Indys Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Inimitable Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Inman Line Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irish American Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irish American Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irish Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irish Rovers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irish Show Boy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irish Wash Woman Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irishmans Heart To The Ladies Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Irishmans Love Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Is It The Priest You Want Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ivy Leaf Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jabe Meadow Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jack On The Green Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jack Smiths Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jacks Alive Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jacksons Bottle Of Brandy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jacksons Fancy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jacksons Morning Brush Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jacksons Rolling Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

James Lees Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jarnoviches Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jaunting Car Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jennings Champion Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jenny Danged The Weaver Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jenny Nettles Fancy Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jennys Baby Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jennys Wedding Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jersey Lightning Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jim Clarks Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jimmy Holmes Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jimmy Linns Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jinrikisha Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jock Tamsons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Joe Kennedys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Joe Tanzys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Johnie Queens Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Johnny Hands Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Johnnys Gone To France Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jolly Clam Diggers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jolly Pedlers Slipjig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jolly Seven Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Jolly Tinkers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Joys Of Wedlock Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Judy Maleys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Judy Mc Faddens Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Judys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Juniata Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kantschukoff Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Katy Is Waiting Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Katys Rambles Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Keel Row Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Keltons Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kenmures On And Awa Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Key West Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kileys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kilkenny Boys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kilkenny Rovers Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kilwinnings Steeple Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

King Pin Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kiss Me Joe Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kiss The Bride Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty Clovers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty Clydes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty In The Lane Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty O Neils Champion Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty Of Oulart Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty Sharps Champion Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Kitty Tirrells Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ladies Delight Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ladies Pandeletts Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ladies Triumph (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ladus Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Ami Stewarts Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Bairds Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Belhavens Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Cawdors Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Charlott Of Braids Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Edmontons Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Elgins Courtship Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Forbes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Gardners Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Harriets Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Jane Grays Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Loudens Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Mary Ramsays Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Montgomerys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Templetons Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lady Walpoles Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lafricans Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lamp Lighters Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lamsons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Land League (abc): ryansMammoth/

Land League Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Land Of Sweet Erin Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lanigans Ball Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lardners Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lark In The Morning Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Larry Downs Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Larry Grogans Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Larry O Gaff Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Larry O Niels Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lass With The Yellow Coatee Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Last Nights Fun Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lavens Favorite (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lavinder Girl (abc): ryansMammoth/

Le Petres Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

League And Slasher Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Leap Year Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Leather The Wig Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lees Double Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Legacy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lets Be Gay (abc): ryansMammoth/

Levantines Barrel Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Leviathan Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Light And Airy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lillibullero Or Protestant Boys (abc): ryansMammoth/

Limber Up Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Limerick Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Limerick Lass Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Limerick Lasses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lincolns Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Little Brown Jug Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Little Diamond Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Little Dukes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Little House Round The Corner Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Little House Under The Hill Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Little Peggys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Liverpool Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Liverpool Jacks Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Loch Na Gar Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lockers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

London Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

London Lasses Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Look Before You Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Looney Mc Twolter Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord Alexander Gordons Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord Byrons Favorite Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord Dalhousies Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord Gordons Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord James Murrays Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord John Campbells Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lord Moiras Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lottas Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lotus Club Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Louisville Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Love Links Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Luckie Bawdins Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Lucy Campbells Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Madame Del Caros Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maggie Browns Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maggie Picking Cockels Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Magic Slipper Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Magnolia Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maguinnis Delight Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid In The Pump Room Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid Marian Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid Of Argyles Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid Of Athens Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid Of Isla Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid Of Selma Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maid On The Green Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maids Complaint Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maloneys Fancy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Manchester Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Manhattan Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Marchioness Of Huntlys Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mardi Gras Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Margerys Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Market Girls Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Marquis Hansleys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Marquis Of Bowmont Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Marquis Of Huntleys Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Marquis Of Huntlys Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Marshall Hills Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Masons Apron Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Masons Cap Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Massasoit Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Maude Millar (abc): ryansMammoth/

May Pole Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mazeppa Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mc Donalds Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mc Guffums Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Merry Lads Of Ayer Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Merry Night At Tumble Brig Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mill Town Maid Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miller Of Drone Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Millers Maid (abc): ryansMammoth/

Millers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mineapolis Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Minnie Fosters Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Minstrels Fancy Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Barkers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Browns Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Campbells Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Corbetts Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Dalys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Dalys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Drummond Of Perth Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Gays Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Gunnings Fancy Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Horgans Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Jess Watsons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Johnsons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Johnsons Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Kellys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Mc Clouds Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Mc Donalds Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Mc Guinness (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Mountan Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Plaudys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Miss Stuarts Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mississippi Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Moll In The Wad Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Moll Roe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Moll Roe In The Morning Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Moll Roes Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Moll Shurkies Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Molly Bawns Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Molly Mc Guires Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Monarch Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Money In Advance Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Money Musk Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Money Musk Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Monogram Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Morgan Rattler Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Morningfair Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Morpeth Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Morpeths Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mortons Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mount Your Baggage Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mountain Ranger Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mountain Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mountain Sprite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mr Worthlands Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mrs Adyes Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mrs Hogans Goose Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mrs Kinlochs Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mrs Monroes Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mugby Jims Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Muldoons Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mullins Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Muncies Favorite Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Munster Lass Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Bonnie Laddie Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Ladys Goon Has Gairs Ont Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Love Is Far Away Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Love Is In America Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Love Is Like The Red Red Rose Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Love Is On The Ocean Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

My Pretty Fair Maid Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Myopia Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Mysteries Of Knock Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

N In Wood Pile Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nagles Last Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Napoleon Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

National Guards Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

National Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

National Lancers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Neal Gows Wife Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Neapolitan Threshers Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Neath The Moonlight Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ned Kendalls Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ned Kendalls Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nelsons Victory Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Neumedia (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Bedford Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Boston Sicillian Circle (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Brig Of Glasgow Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Century Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Line Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Orleans Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Policemans Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

New Wedding Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

New York Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

News Boys Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Niagara Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nicodemus Johnsons (abc): ryansMammoth/

Niel Gows Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Night Of Fun Jig The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Night Of The Fair Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nightingale Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nimble Fingers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nora Creinas Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Norfolk Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

North End Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

North Star Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Northern Light Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nortons Favorite Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Novelty Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Nymrod Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

O Connells Welcome Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Oakland Garden Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Obelisk Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Occidental Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Oer The Moor Among The Heather Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Of Aw The Airts The Winds Can Blow Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Off She Goes Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Off To Donnybrook Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Oh Gang With Me To Yon Town Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Bachelors Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Dutch Churn Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Figary O Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Granite State Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Ironsides Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Joe Sifes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Maids Of Galway Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Mother Goose Slipjig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old National Theatre Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Sport Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Tanglefoot Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Temple House Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Walls Of Liscarroll Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Zip Coon Reel A (abc): ryansMammoth/

Old Zip Coon Reel G (abc): ryansMammoth/

Olive Branch Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Olympic Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

On The Road Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Once Upon My Cheek Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

One Bottle More Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Opera Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Oriental Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ostinellis Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Our Boys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Our Boys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Over Land And Sea Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ownys Best Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Oyster Girls Jig The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Oyster River Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pacific Slope Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Careys Fortune Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Handlys Goose Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Mc Faddens Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Miles Fricassee Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Murphys Wife (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Now Wont You Be Easy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy O Carrols Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy O Raffertys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy On The Railroad Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy On The Turnpike Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy The Piper Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Was Up To Ganger Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddy Whack Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddys Farewell To America Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paddys The Boy Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Paines Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Palermo Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Palmetto Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pandeen O Rafferty Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pander Dance Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pantomime Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Parasott Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Parnell And Ireland Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Parnells Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Parrys Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Passaic Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Passion Flower Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pat Carneys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pat In His Glory Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pausteen Fawn Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pea Patch Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peach Blossom Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peasants Dance Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peelers Jacket Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peep O Day Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peerless Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peggy Whiffles Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Peter Street Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Petronella (abc): ryansMammoth/

Phil Isaacs Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Picnic Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pig Town Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pigeon On The Gate Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pink Eyed Lassie Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pipers Lass Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pivot Brig Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Polo Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pomona Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pop Goes The Weasel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Poppy Leaf Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Portsmouth Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Post Horn Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pothouge Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Praties Are Dug And The Frost Is All Over Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

President Garfields Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

President Grants Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pretty Janes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pride Of The Ball Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pride Of The Stage Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Priest In His Boots Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Prima Donna Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Primrose Lass Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Prince Alberts Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Prince Charles Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Prince Regents Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Princess Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pulaski Guards Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pull Down Your Vest Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Push About The Jorum Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Pushees Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Puss In The Corner Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Queen Of Clubs Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Queen Of The West Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Queenies Own Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Queens Guards Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Quindaro Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Racketty Jacks Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rakes Of Kildare Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rakes Of Westmeath Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rakish Highlander Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rambler From Clare Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Randalls Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Randy Wife Of Greenlaw Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rat Catchers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rathkeale Hunt Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rattle The Bottles Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rattle The Cash Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Re Union Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Recreation Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Red Cross Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Red Lion Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Red Stockings Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Reeds Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Reillys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rememberance Of Dublin Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Repeal Of The Union Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rialto Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rickers Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ricketts Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ride A Mile Slipjig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Riding On A Hand Car Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rileys Favorite (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rising Sun Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rival Reel The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Roaring Willies Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rocks Of Cashel Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rocky Road To Dublin Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rolling Off A Log Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Root Hog Or Die Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rory O More Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rose Bud Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rose Bush Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rose Of The Valley Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ross Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rough Diamond Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Roving Bachelor Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rowan Tree Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Roys Wife Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Roys Wife Of Aldivalloch (abc): ryansMammoth/

Roys Wife Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rub The Bag Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rum And Onions Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Rustic Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Saddle The Pony Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sailors Ransom Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Salamanca Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Salem Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sally Growler Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sam Hides Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

San Souci Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sandy Buchanans Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Saratoga Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Saratoga Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Scotch Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Scotch Patriots Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Scottish American Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sebastapol Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sentinel Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Seven Up Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shaws Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shee La Na Quira Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sheriff Muldoons Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shins Around The Fireside Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shippen Street Land Ladys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ships Are Sailing Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Short Grass (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shuffle And Cut Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shuffle Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Shunsters Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Silver Cluster Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Silver Star Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sink Him Doddie Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sir George Clargs Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sir Roger De Coverly Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Skin The Peeler Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Skip Rope Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Skiver The Quilt Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sleeping On A Door Step Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sleepy Maggie Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Smash The Windows Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Smash The Windows Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Smiths Delight Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Smiths Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Smiths Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Smugglers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Snow Flake Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Soldiers Cloak Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Soldiers Joy (abc): ryansMammoth/

Souvenir De Venice Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Souvenir Lancashire Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Speed The Plough Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Spirit Of 1880 Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Spirit Of 1881 Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Spirits Of Whisky Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Spirvins Fancy (abc): ryansMammoth/

Spit Fire Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sporting Boys Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

St Botolph Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

St Clairs Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

St Elmo Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

St Patricks Day In The Morning Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

St Pierre Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Star Of The East Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Staten Island Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Statue Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Steamboat Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Steeple Chase Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Stick It In The Ashes Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Strathearn Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Strop The Razor Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sukey Bids Me Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sumners Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sunday Is My Wedding Day Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Swallow Sloop Of War Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Swallow Tail Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Swallows Tail The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Sweet Ellen Or Figure Eight (abc): ryansMammoth/

Swimming In The Gutter Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Syntha Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tammany Ring Clog (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tatter Jack Welch Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tea In The Morning Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Teddy Malos Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Teetotal Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Teetotalers Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Telegraph Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Telephone Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Telephone Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tell Her I Am Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Temperance Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tempest Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Terences Ramble Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Terpsichorean Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Terry Heigh Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tete A Tete Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Texarkana Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Three Little Drummers Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Three Merry Sisters Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Thunder Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tibble Inglis Fancy Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tidal Wave Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Time Of Day Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tin Ware Lass Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tin Wedding Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tivoli Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

To Cashell Im Going Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tom And Jerry Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tom Briggs Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tom Deerings Rambles Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Top Of Cork Road Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tornado Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Trafalgar Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Trip To Galway Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Trip To The Cottage Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tulloch Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Tullochgorum Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Turnpike Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Twin Katys Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Two And Sixpenny Girl The Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Two Forty Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Two Penny Postmans Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Uncle Toms Best Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Unfortunate Rake Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Union Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Unknown Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Up And Waur Them A Willie Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Vaughans Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Velocipede Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Vendome Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Vestris Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Victoria Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Village Bells Highland Fling (abc): ryansMammoth/

Village Bells Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Village Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Vintons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Violetta Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wade Hamptons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wake Up Susan Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Brudder Bones (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Carry The News To Mary (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Carve Dat Possum (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Chaw Roast Beef (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Dont Get Weary (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Gwine To De Show (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walk Around Hey Daddy (abc): ryansMammoth/

Walker Street Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Waterloo Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wedding Ring Reel The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wee Bit Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Weel May The Keel Row Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Welcome Here Again Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Western Gem Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

What The Deil Ails You Strathspey (abc): ryansMammoth/

Whiddons Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Whiddons Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Whim Of A Moment Jig The (abc): ryansMammoth/

Whipples Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Whiskey And Beer (abc): ryansMammoth/

White Star Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Who Made Your Breeches Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wide Awake Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Widow Machree (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wild Irish Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Williams And Sullivans Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Willotts Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wind That Shakes The Barley Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wind Up Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Wink Of Her Eye Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Winnicks Favorite Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Winnie Greens Favorite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Witch Of The Wave Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Within A Mile Of Clonbur Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Yacht Club Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Yellow Haird Laddie Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Yellow Stockings Jig (abc): ryansMammoth/

Yorkshire Bite Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

You Bet Reel (abc): ryansMammoth/

Young America Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Ypsilanti Hornpipe (abc): ryansMammoth/

Arnold Schoenberg

To get all works composed by Arnold Schoenberg, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('schoenberg')

Opus 19

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): schoenberg/opus19/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 6 (musicxml): schoenberg/opus19/movement6.mxl

Franz Schubert

To get all works composed by Franz Schubert, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('schubert')

Lindenbaum (musicxml): schubert/Lindenbaum.xml

Robert Schumann

To get all works composed by Robert Schumann, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('schumann_robert')

Dichterliebe No 2 (musicxml): schumann_robert/dichterliebe_no2.xml

Opus 41 No 1

  • Movement 1 (musicxml): schumann_robert/opus41no1/movement1.mxl

  • Movement 2 (musicxml): schumann_robert/opus41no1/movement2.mxl

  • Movement 3 (musicxml): schumann_robert/opus41no1/movement3.mxl

  • Movement 4 (musicxml): schumann_robert/opus41no1/movement4.mxl

  • Movement 5 (musicxml): schumann_robert/opus41no1/movement5.mxl

Opus 48 No 2 (musicxml): schumann_robert/opus48no2.mxl

Clara Schumann

To get all works composed by Clara Schumann, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('schumann_clara')

Movement 3 (musicxml): schumann_clara/opus17/movement3.xml

Polonaise Op 1 N 1 (musicxml): schumann_clara/polonaise_op1n1.mxl

Polonaise Op 1 N 2 (musicxml): schumann_clara/polonaise_op1n2.mxl

Polonaise Op 1 N 3 (musicxml): schumann_clara/polonaise_op1n3.mxl

Polonaise Op 1 N 4 (musicxml): schumann_clara/polonaise_op1n4.mxl

Theory Exercises

To get all works collected in Theory Exercises, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('theoryExercises')

Triad Exercise (musicxml): theoryExercises/TriadExercise.mxl

Checker Demo (musicxml): theoryExercises/checker_demo.mxl

Fourteenth-Century Italian Music

To get all works collected in Fourteenth-Century Italian Music, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('trecento')

Fava Dicant Nunc Iudei (musicxml): trecento/Fava_Dicant_nunc_iudei.xml

Pmfc 01 - Lugentium Siccentur (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_01-Lugentium siccentur.xml

Pmfc 01 - Rex Quem Metrorum (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_01-Rex quem metrorum.xml

Pmfc 01 - Virtutibus Laudabilis (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_01-Virtutibus laudabilis.xml

Pmfc 01 - Vos Qui Admiramini Gratissima Virginis Species (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_01-Vos Qui Admiramini Gratissima virginis species.xml

Pmfc 04 - A Lle S Andra Lo Spirt (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_04-A lle s_andra lo spirt.xml

Pmfc 04 - Cara Mi Donna (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_04-Cara mi donna.xml

Pmfc 04 - Quanto Piu Caro (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_04-Quanto piu caro.xml

Pmfc 04 - Si Dolce Non Sono (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_04-Si dolce non sono.xml

Pmfc 06 - Jacopo- 01 - Aquila- Altera (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06-Jacopo-01-Aquila-Altera.xml

Pmfc 06 - Jacopo- 02 - Con- Gran- Furor (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06-Jacopo-02-Con-Gran-Furor.xml

Pmfc 06 - Jacopo- 03 A- Di Novo (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06-Jacopo-03a-Di_Novo.xml

Pmfc 06 - Jacopo- 03 B- Di Novo (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06-Jacopo-03b-Di_Novo.xml

Pmfc 06 10 - I Senti Gia Come L Arco (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_10-I senti gia come l_arco.xml

Pmfc 06 8 - In Verde Prato (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_8-In Verde Prato.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 01 - Angnel Son Biancho (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-01-Angnel_son_biancho.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 02 - Apress Un Fiume A (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-02-Apress_un_fiume_a.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 03 - Chon Brachi Assai (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-03-Chon_brachi_assai.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 04 De Come Dolce Mente (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-04_De_Come_Dolce_Mente.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 05 Donna Gia Fu Leggiadra (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-05_Donna_Gia_Fu_Leggiadra.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 06 Fra Mille Corvi (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-06_Fra_Mille_Corvi.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 07 In Sulla Ripa (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-07_In_Sulla_Ripa.xml

Pmfc 06 Giovanni- 09 Nascoso El Viso (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Giovanni-09_Nascoso_El_Viso.xml

Pmfc 06 Piero 1 - All Onbra D Un Perlato (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Piero_1-All_onbra d_un perlato.xml

Pmfc 06 Piero 2 - Chavalcando (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Piero_2-Chavalcando.xml

Pmfc 06 Piero 6 A- Quando Laire Comenca (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_06_Piero_6a-Quando_laire_comenca.xml

Pmfc 12 1 - Kyrie Rondello (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_1-Kyrie Rondello.xml

Pmfc 12 10 A- Credo Pmfc 12.10 A (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_10a-Credo PMFC12.10a.xml

Pmfc 12 10 B- Credo Pmfc 12.10 B (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_10b-Credo PMFC12.10b.xml

Pmfc 12 11 A- Credo Pmfc 12.11 A (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_11a-Credo PMFC12.11a.xml

Pmfc 12 11 B- Credo Pmfc 12.11 B (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_11b-Credo PMFC12.11b.xml

Pmfc 12 12 - Credo Bartholus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_12-Credo Bartholus.xml

Pmfc 12 13 - Credo London F 83 - 85 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_13-Credo London f83-85.xml

Pmfc 12 14 - Credo Phillippoctus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_14-Credo Phillippoctus.xml

Pmfc 12 15 - Sanctus Lorenzo (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_15-Sanctus Lorenzo.xml

Pmfc 12 16 - Sanctus Pmfc 12.16 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_16-Sanctus PMFC12.16.xml

Pmfc 12 17 - Sanctus Gratiosus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_17-Sanctus Gratiosus.xml

Pmfc 12 18 - Sanctus Mediolano (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_18-Sanctus Mediolano.xml

Pmfc 12 19 - Sanctus Barbitonsoris (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_19-Sanctus Barbitonsoris.xml

Pmfc 12 2 - Gloria ( Gubbio) (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_2-Gloria (Gubbio).xml

Pmfc 12 20 - Agnus Dei Gherardello (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_20-Agnus Dei Gherardello.xml

Pmfc 12 21 - Benedicamus Pmfc 12.21 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_21-Benedicamus PMFC12.21.xml

Pmfc 12 22 - Benedicamus Pmfc 12.22 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_22-Benedicamus PMFC12.22.xml

Pmfc 12 23 - Benedicamus Pmfc 12.23 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_23-Benedicamus PMFC12.23.xml

Pmfc 12 24 - Benedicamus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_24-Benedicamus.xml

Pmfc 12 3 - Gloria Gherardello (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_3-Gloria Gherardello.xml

Pmfc 12 4 - Gloria Rvat 1419 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_4-Gloria Rvat 1419.xml

Pmfc 12 4 - Gloria Rvat 1419 Bak (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_4-Gloria Rvat 1419_bak.xml

Pmfc 12 5 - Gloria Pmfc 12.5 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_5-Gloria PMFC 12.5.xml

Pmfc 12 6 - Gloria Gratiosus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_6-Gloria Gratiosus.xml

Pmfc 12 7 - Gloria Egardus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_7-Gloria Egardus.xml

Pmfc 12 8 - Gloria London 29987 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_8-Gloria London 29987.xml

Pmfc 12 9 - Gloria Clementiae Pax (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_12_9-Gloria Clementiae Pax.xml

Pmfc 13 01 - Kyrie- Summe- Clementissime

  • Pmfc 13 01 - Kyrie- Summe- Clementissime (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_01-Kyrie-Summe-Clementissime.mxl

  • Pmfc 13 01 - Kyrie- Summe- Clementissime (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_01-Kyrie-Summe-Clementissime.xml

Pmfc 13 02 - Kyrie- Questa-Fanciulla (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_02-Kyrie-Questa-fanciulla.mxl

Pmfc 13 03 - Gloria Micinella (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_03-Gloria Micinella.xml

Pmfc 13 04 - Credo Cursor (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_04-Credo Cursor.xml

Pmfc 13 05 - Gloria Rosetta (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_05-Gloria Rosetta.xml

Pmfc 13 06 - Gloria Fior Gentil (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_06-Gloria Fior Gentil.xml

Pmfc 13 07 - Gloria Laus Honor (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_07-Gloria Laus Honor.xml

Pmfc 13 08 - Gloria ( Ad Ongni Vento) (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_08-Gloria (Ad Ongni Vento).xml

Pmfc 13 09 - Gloria Anglicana (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_09-Gloria Anglicana.xml

Pmfc 13 10 - Gloria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_10-Gloria.xml

Pmfc 13 12 - Gloria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_12-Gloria.xml

Pmfc 13 13 - Gloria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_13-Gloria.xml

Pmfc 13 14 - Gloria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_14-Gloria.xml

Pmfc 13 15 - Gloria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_15-Gloria.xml

Pmfc 13 16 - Gloria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_16-Gloria.xml

Pmfc 13 17 - Gloria Spiritus Et Alme (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_17-Gloria Spiritus et Alme.xml

Pmfc 13 18 - Gloria Spiritus Et Alme (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_18-Gloria Spiritus et Alme.xml

Pmfc 13 19 - Credo Scabroso (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_13_19-Credo Scabroso.xml

Pmfc 23 15 A- Kyrie Humano Generi A (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_15a-Kyrie Humano Generi a.xml

Pmfc 23 15 B- Kyrie Humano Generi B (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_15b-Kyrie Humano Generi b.xml

Pmfc 23 16 - Kyrie Apt 16 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_16-Kyrie Apt 16.xml

Pmfc 23 17 - Kyrie Principum Effectivum (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_17-Kyrie Principum Effectivum.xml

Pmfc 23 18 - Kyrie Chipre (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_18-Kyrie Chipre.xml

Pmfc 23 19 - Kyrie Perrinet (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_19-Kyrie Perrinet.xml

Pmfc 23 20 - Kyrie O Sacra Virgo Beata (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_20-Kyrie O Sacra Virgo Beata.xml

Pmfc 23 21 - Kyrie Guymont (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_21-Kyrie Guymont.xml

Pmfc 23 22 - Kyrie Summe Clementissime (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_22-Kyrie Summe Clementissime.xml

Pmfc 23 23 - Kyrie Rex Inmense Maiestasis (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_23-Kyrie Rex Inmense Maiestasis.xml

Pmfc 23 24 - Kyrie Ave Desiderii (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_24-Kyrie Ave Desiderii.xml

Pmfc 23 25 - Kyrie Barcelona 853 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_25-Kyrie Barcelona 853.xml

Pmfc 23 26 - Kyrie O Virgo Sacrata Maria (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_23_26-Kyrie O Virgo Sacrata Maria.xml

Pmfc 24 1 - Gloria Ciconia 1 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_1-Gloria Ciconia 1.xml

Pmfc 24 10 - Credo Ciconia 10 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_10-Credo Ciconia 10.xml

Pmfc 24 11 - Credo Ciconia 11 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_11-Credo Ciconia 11.xml

Pmfc 24 15 - O Virum Omnimoda (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_15-O virum omnimoda.xml

Pmfc 24 16 - Albane Misse Celitus (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_16-Albane misse celitus.xml

Pmfc 24 17 - Doctorum Principem- Melodia Suavissima- Vir Mitis (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_17-Doctorum principem-Melodia suavissima-Vir mitis.xml

Pmfc 24 19 - Ut Te Per Omnes Celitus- Ingens Alumnus Padue (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_19-Ut te per omnes celitus- Ingens alumnus padue.xml

Pmfc 24 2 - Credo Ciconia 2 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_2-Credo Ciconia 2.xml

Pmfc 24 20 - Padu … Serenans (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_20-Padu… serenans.xml

Pmfc 24 21 - O Proles Hispanie (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_21-O proles hispanie.xml

Pmfc 24 22 - O Beatum Incendium (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_22-O beatum incendium.xml

Pmfc 24 3 - Gloria Ciconia 3 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_3-Gloria Ciconia 3.xml

Pmfc 24 4 - Credo Ciconia 4 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_4-Credo Ciconia 4.xml

Pmfc 24 5 - Gloria Spiritus Et Alme (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_5-Gloria_Spiritus_et_alme.xml

Pmfc 24 6 - Gloria Spiritus Et Alme (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_6-Gloria_Spiritus_et_alme.xml

Pmfc 24 7 - Gloria Suscipe Trinitas (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_7-Gloria_Suscipe_trinitas.xml

Pmfc 24 8 - Gloria Ciconia 8 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_8-Gloria Ciconia 8.xml

Pmfc 24 9 - Gloria Ciconia 9 (musicxml): trecento/PMFC_24_9-Gloria Ciconia 9.xml

Giuseppe Verdi

To get all works composed by Giuseppe Verdi, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('verdi')

La Donna E Mobile (musicxml): verdi/laDonnaEMobile.mxl

Carl Maria von Weber

To get all works composed by Carl Maria von Weber, use getComposer() to get all file paths.

For example:

>>> paths = corpus.getComposer('weber')

Concertino Clarinet (musicxml): weber/concertino_clarinet.mxl