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Converts a pitchString to a Pitch, only if necessary.

>>> from music21.figuredBass import realizerScale
>>> pitchString = 'C5'
>>> realizerScale.convertToPitch(pitchString)
<music21.pitch.Pitch C5>
>>> realizerScale.convertToPitch(pitch.Pitch('E4')) # does nothing
<music21.pitch.Pitch E4>


class music21.figuredBass.realizerScale.FiguredBassScale(scaleValue='C', scaleMode='major')

FiguredBassScale methods

FiguredBassScale.getPitchNames(bassPitch, notationString=None)

Takes a bassPitch and notationString and returns a list of corresponding pitch names based on the scale value and mode above and inclusive of the bassPitch name.

>>> from music21.figuredBass import realizerScale
>>> fbScale = realizerScale.FiguredBassScale()
>>> fbScale.getPitchNames('D3', '6')
['D', 'F', 'B']
>>> fbScale.getPitchNames('G3')
['G', 'B', 'D']
>>> fbScale.getPitchNames('B3', '6,#5')
['B', 'D', 'F#', 'G']
>>> fbScale.getPitchNames('C#3', '-7') # Fully diminished seventh chord
['C#', 'E', 'G', 'B-']
FiguredBassScale.getPitches(bassPitch, notationString=None, maxPitch=<music21.pitch.Pitch B5>)

Takes in a bassPitch, a notationString, and a maxPitch representing the highest possible pitch that can be returned. Returns a sorted list of pitches which correspond to the pitches of each specific pitch name found through getPitchNames that fall between the bassPitch and the maxPitch, inclusive of both.

>>> from music21.figuredBass import realizerScale
>>> fbScale = realizerScale.FiguredBassScale()

Root position triad

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getPitches('C3') ]
['C3', 'E3', 'G3', 'C4', 'E4', 'G4', 'C5', 'E5', 'G5']

First inversion triad

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getPitches('D3', '6') ]
['D3', 'F3', 'B3', 'D4', 'F4', 'B4', 'D5', 'F5', 'B5']

Root position seventh chord, showing MaxPitch

>>> fbScale.getPitches(pitch.Pitch('G3'), '7', 'F4')
[<music21.pitch.Pitch G3>, <music21.pitch.Pitch B3>, <music21.pitch.Pitch D4>, <music21.pitch.Pitch F4>]
FiguredBassScale.getSamplePitches(bassPitch, notationString=None)

Returns all pitches for a bassPitch and notationString within an octave of the bassPitch, inclusive of the bassPitch but exclusive at the upper bound. In other words, this method returns the most compact complete chord implied by the bassPitch and its figures.

>>> from music21.figuredBass import realizerScale
>>> fbScale = realizerScale.FiguredBassScale()
>>> fbScale.getSamplePitches('D3', '6') # First inversion triad
[<music21.pitch.Pitch D3>, <music21.pitch.Pitch F3>, <music21.pitch.Pitch B3>]

Root position triad

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getSamplePitches('G3') ] 
['G3', 'B3', 'D4']

First inversion seventh chord

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getSamplePitches('B3', '6,5') ] 
['B3', 'D4', 'F4', 'G4']

Neapolitan chord

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getSamplePitches('F3', '-6,-') ]
['F3', 'A-3', 'D-4']

Second inversion seventh chord

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getSamplePitches('C5', '4,3') ]
['C5', 'E5', 'F5', 'A5']

Fully diminished seventh chord

>>> [str(p) for p in fbScale.getSamplePitches('C#3', '-7') ]
['C#3', 'E3', 'G3', 'B-3']

FiguredBassScale instance variables


A KeySignature corresponding to the scale value and mode.


A Scale based on the desired value and mode.