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Functions for translating music21 objects and MuseDataHandler instances. Mostly, these functions are for advanced, low level usage. For basic importing of MuseData files from a file or URL to a Stream, use the music21 converter module’s parse() function.


music21.musedata.translate.museDataWorkToStreamScore(museDataWork, inputM21=None)

Given an museDataWork object, build into a multi-part Score with metadata.

This assumes that this MuseDataHandler defines a single work (with 1 or fewer reference numbers).

if the optional parameter inputM21 is given a music21 Stream subclass, it will use that object as the outermost object. However, inner parts will always be made Part objects.

music21.musedata.translate.musedataPartToStreamPart(museDataPart, inputM21=None)

Translate a musedata part to a Part.