class music21.percussion.PercussionChord(notes: Union[None, str, Sequence[str], Sequence[Pitch], Sequence[NotRest], Sequence[int]] = None, **keywords)

ChordBase and :class:`~music21.note.NotRest subclass that is NOT a Chord because one or more notes is an Unpitched object.

>>> pChord = percussion.PercussionChord([note.Unpitched('D4'), note.Note('E5')])
>>> pChord.isChord

Has notes, just like any ChordBase:

>>> pChord.notes
(<music21.note.Unpitched object at 0x...>, <music21.note.Note E>)

Assign them to another PercussionChord:

>>> pChord2 = percussion.PercussionChord()
>>> pChord2.notes = pChord.notes
>>> pChord2.notes
(<music21.note.Unpitched object at 0x...>, <music21.note.Note E>)

Don’t attempt setting anything but Note or Unpitched objects as notes:

>>> pChord2.notes = [note.Rest()]
Traceback (most recent call last):
TypeError: every element of notes must be a note.Note or note.Unpitched object

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