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class music21.test.testInstallation.InstallRunner

Base class for install runners. All methods in this class are cross platform. Platform specific code should be placed in subclasses.

InstallRunner methods


Optionally download the installation package from on-line. This is not usually run, as a local build (int0 dist) is always going to be more up to date. Instead, pass a file path to an installer package, use as an arg to run.


Run the installer, test, and clean.

If fpDistribution is not None, the specified distribution will be used. Thus, a built distribution on a local machine can be pass by file path.

The run does three things: install the source, run all tests, and tehn remove the installation.



class music21.test.testInstallation.InstallRunnerNix

Install runner for mac, linux, and unix machines.

InstallRunnerNix bases

InstallRunnerNix methods


Remove all files created in this installation.


Copy a file to a scratch directory.

This is used to store the downloaded or passed distribution file.
InstallRunnerNix.install(fp, pyBin)

Decompress, then install into site packages using install.


Run the main music21 test script.

This assumes that the only music21 files foudn in the search pat are those that are contained in site-packages. If there is another music21 installation that is also in a search path on this machine, it is possible that those files, not the ones just installed, are being tested.

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