The tie module contains a single class, Tie that represents the visual and conceptual idea of tied notes. They can be start or stop ties.


class music21.tie.Tie(type='start')

Object added to notes that are tied to other notes. The type value is one of start, stop, or continue.

>>> note1 = note.Note()
>>> note1.tie = tie.Tie("start") # start, stop, or continue
>>> = "normal" # default; could also be "dotted" or "dashed" or "hidden"
>>> note1.tie.type
>>> note1.tie
<music21.tie.Tie start>
Differences from MusicXML:
notes do not need to know if they are tied from a previous note. i.e., you can tie n1 to n2 just with a tie start on n1. However, if you want proper musicXML output you need a tie stop on n2 one tie with “continue” implies tied from and tied to

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