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class music21.trecento.trecentoCadence.TrecentoCadenceNote(stringRep=None, storedDict=None)

Subclass of TinyNotationNote where 2.. represents a dotted dotted half note (that is, a dotted half tied to a dotted quarter) instead of a double dotted note. This makes entering Trecento music (which uses this note value often) much easier. 1.. and 4.. etc. are similarly transformed.

TrecentoCadenceNote bases

TrecentoCadenceNote read-only properties

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TrecentoCadenceNote methods

TrecentoCadenceNote.getDots(stringRep, noteObj)

Methods inherited from TinyNotationNote:


class music21.trecento.trecentoCadence.TrecentoCadenceStream(stringRep='', timeSignature=None)

Subclass of Tiny Notation that calls TrecentoCadenceNote instead of TinyNotationNote

>>> dLucaGloriaIncipit = trecento.trecentoCadence.TrecentoCadenceStream("c'2. d'8 c'4 a8 f4 f8 a4 c'4 c'8", '6/8')
>>> dLucaGloriaIncipit.makeMeasures(inPlace = True)
>>> dLucaGloriaIncipit.rightBarline = 'final'
>>> dLucaGloriaIncipit.elements
(< 1 offset=0.0>, < 2 offset=3.0>, < 3 offset=6.0>)

TrecentoCadenceStream bases

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TrecentoCadenceStream read/write properties

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TrecentoCadenceStream methods

TrecentoCadenceStream.getNote(stringRep, storedDict={})

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TrecentoCadenceStream instance variables

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  • definesExplicitSystemBreaks
  • isFlat
  • autoSort
  • isSorted

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