Mike Whitson


My interest and academic focus is in micro- and nanofabrication: the science and engineering of designing and building tiny machines and structures, with sizes ranging from millimeters to molecules.

I'm searching for career opportunities with long-term growth potential in the field of MEMS/NEMS fabrication research, with a cutting-edge company or research center.


I received my S.B. from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2007. I'm on leave from the M.Eng. program in the same department, with one semester remaining to graduate. For financial and personal development reasons, I've spent several years out of school working, first in software and later in microfabrication.

I love travel, foreign languages, and international studies. I've studied Japanese, German, Norwegian, and a bit of Mandarin Chinese, and lived in Norway (high school exchange) and much more recently in Japan and Germany (visiting research programs), courtesy of MISTI.


I have been known to venture outdoors with MITOC or the AMC. I sometimes take amateurish photos.