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Crystallization is vital to many processes occurring in nature and manufacturing. In chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, crystallization from solution is widely used for a variety of materials. It is an attractive isolation step during manufacturing as particle formation and purification are combined within a single process. Almost all of the products based on fine chemicals, such as dyes, explosives, and photographic materials require crystallization in their manufacture and over 90% of all pharmaceutical products contain bioactive drug substances and excipients in the crystalline solid state. Hence it is necessary to control the crystallization process in order to obtain products with desired and reproducible properties, such as size, purity, morphology, and crystal structure. It is vitally important for the pharmaceutical industry to produce the desired crystal form (polymorph) to assure the bioavailability and stability of the drug substance. While the target of many crystallization operations is to produce crystals large enough to be isolated easily on standard filtration equipment, smaller particle sizes are desired occasionally in pharmaceuticals to enhance the dissolution rate, thus improve bioavailability.

The Myerson research group focuses on fundamental studies of nucleation, polymorphism, impurity-crystal interactions, novel separation methods, continuous crystallization, and industrial applications.

In addition, the Myerson research group actively participates in the Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing.


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