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Communal Stock and equipment


                                Common Stock
Clemence Syringe, Plastic pipets
Ridade Gloves, Masks
Leia Sponges, Detergent, Soap
Carlos 20 mL Bottles (and caps)
Jennifer Crystal 16 Magnets and vials
Mohammad Kimwipes, Tissues, Paper Towels
Jennie Solvents (Methanol, Acetone, Ethanol)
You Ethylene glycol, Isopropanol
Naomi HPLC vials


Jelena Panalytical XRPD, Zeiss Microscope
Parind Dilution Viscometer, Rheometer DHR-3
Mohammad Tablet Press, MasterSizer, Dissolution apparatus, Nanospray drier, FT4 Powder Rheometer, Dry Powder Mixers
Carlos Kaiser Raman (Microscope & cart), ITC, Horiba Raman, Karl Fischers
Leia Kaiser Raman (DSC), Nanoplotter, TGA
Jennie pH Meter, Chillers, Balances
Jennifer Flow IR, Crystal16, FBRM (Lasentec), Easymax
Shankul Nikon Microscope, Computers, Material Studio
Tharanga FTIR (IdentifyIR & Nicolet)
Naomi HPLC
Clemence Vacuum ovens, drying ovens
Chaitanya (Bio Lab) Centrifuge, Thermal cycler, HPLC, VPO Wescor, densitymeter, pH Meter, Centrifuge, UV Vis,Osmometer, fluorimeter
Dave (Bldg. 66) Vertical Mold, Korsch Tablet Press
Rachel (Bldg. 66) Leistritz Nano-18 Extruder, MHS, Humidity Chamber, HPLC,Optimags Thin Film Caster, IMA
Alex (Bldg. 66) Large Electrospinning unit, Instron

Nopphon W. (Jensen) (Bldg.66)

Faika Digital Camera, Camcorder  


The Myerson Group, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Rm 66-568, Cambridge, MA 02139 | Tel: 617.452.3790 | updated: December 1, 2016