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Professor Allan S. Myerson

Allan S. Myerson is Professor of the Practice in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to his position at MIT he was the Philip Danforth Amour Professor of Engineering in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago where he served as Provost and Senior Vice President (January 2003 - June 2008) and Dean of Engineering and Science (January 2000 - January 2003). 

Professor Myerson also served on the faculty at Polytechnic University (NY), Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Dayton. Professor Myerson was educated at Columbia University (BS) the University of Virginia (MS and Ph.D.). The Myerson research group focuses on separation processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with an emphasis on crystallization from solution. Professor Myerson is a co-PI in the Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing at MIT.  He has published 5 books including the Handbook of Industrial Crystallization, 158 papers, and is the inventor on 32 U.S. patents. Professor Myerson has consulted for over 100 companies worldwide and was honored in 2008 with the American Chemical Society Award in Separations Science and Technology. [More]

Current Group Members






Yuqing Cui Ph.D. Student E19-562 617-324-8460
Leia Dwyer Ph.D. Student E19-515 617-258-7031
Andreas Kunov-Kruse Postdoc Associate E19-536 617-324-4525
Tsai-ta "Chris" Lai Ph.D. Student E19-562 617-324-8460
Jicong Li Ph.D. Student E19-562 617-324-8460
Alice Melocchi Visiting Student E19-562 617-324-8460
Marcus O'Mahony Postdoc Associate E19-562 617-324-4525
Nima Yazdan Panah Postdoc Associate E19-534 617-324-4401
Kyung Ju Park Postdoc Associate E19-532 617-324-3943
You Peng Ph.D. Student

E19-562 617-324-8460
Siva Rama Krishna Perala Postdoc Associate E19-532 617-324-3943
Vibha Puri Postdoc Associate E19-534 617-324-4401
Carlos Alberto Pons Siepermann Ph.D. Student E19-515 617-258-7031
Torsten Stelzer Postdoc Associate E19-534 617-324-4401
Li Tan Ph.D. Student E19-562 617-324-8460
Cameron Weber Postdoc Associate E19-562 617-324-3943
Aishuang Xiang Postdoc Associate E19-534 617-324-4401
Yongsuk Youn Postdoc Associate E66-258 617-324-1896

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