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NanoMechanical Technology Laboratory

Images from nanomechanical testing
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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A state-of-the-art laboratory in the
Department of Materials Science and
Engineering at MIT for probing the
properties and surfaces of engineering
and biological materials at atomic
and molecular length scales through
mechanical contact.

When the size of a feature approaches the size of atoms—the very building blocks of matter—optical, electronic, magnetic, and mechanical behavior can change dramatically. Quantifying exactly how such changes occur in a material is the business of materials science and engineering. Many faculty in DMSE study how mechanical behavior changes at the nanoscale for materials such as living cells, designer polymers, bioceramics, optoelectronic materials, surface coatings, and metals. The unique experimental and computational capabilities of the NanoLab provide us with some of the best tools available to tap the potential of nanomechanical technology.

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