Department of Materials Science and Engineering
NanoMechanical Technology Laboratory
Masachusetts Institute of Technology

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Instrumented Indentation

NanoTest NTX (Micro Materials, Ltd.): This micro/nanoindenter is capable of measuring and applying loads and depths ranging from 10 microNewtons to 20 Newtons and up to 30 microns respectively. Scratching, lateral force and friction measurements, wear testing, cyclic loading, high temperature nanoindentation (up to 500ÉC) and impact testing are also possible.

TriboIndenter (Hysitron, Inc.): This nanoindenter features in situ imaging and AFM imaging of indentations, for a load range of 10 microNewtons to 10 milliNewtons and a maximum displacement of 5 microns. Scratching, lateral force and friction measurements, wear testing and dynamic mechanical measurements are also possible.

Scanning Probe Microscopy

MFP-3D (Asylum Research): This unique microscope can measure the force between two molecules as a function of separation distance, and is particularly well-suited to the study of polymeric and bio-materials.

Uniaxial Testing

8848 MicroTester (Instron, Corp.): This table-top electromechanical universal tension/compression apparatus can be used for low cycle fatigue and standard uniaxial testing of small or thin specimens. It can apply and measure loads ranging from 5 Newtons to 2 kiloNewtons.


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