Department of Materials Science and Engineering
NanoMechanical Technology Laboratory
Masachusetts Institute of Technology

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Lorna Gibson: Cell-mediated contraction of tissue matrices

Christine Ortiz: Atomic force and molecular force microscopy

Chris Schuh: Microstructural design, with emphasis on the microstructure-property relationship in engineered materials

Francesco Stellacci: Nano-science and technology: structure-property relationships of ligand-coated nanoparticles and nanostructured materials. Fabrication and characterization of nano-devices for electronic, optical and sensing applications

Subra Suresh: Experimental and computational studies of nanoscale contact

Ned Thomas: Polymer physics and engineering, phase transformations and microstructure, electron microscopy and X-ray scattering. Director of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN)

Carl Thompson: Thin films

Krystyn Van Vliet: Study of mechanically coupled transitions in material behavior and structure through the creation of real-time images containing topographical, mechanical, chemical, and kinetic data at at sub-nanometer resolution

Sidney Yip, DMSE and Nuclear Engineering: Atomic scale computational modeling of nanocontact


Other Departments at MIT

Lallit Anand, Mechanical Engineering: Nanoindentation, nanotensile/compression testing, and AFM

Martin Schmidt, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Microsystems technology

Franz Ulm, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Durability mechanics of engineering materials and structures, computational mechanics, bio-chemo-poromechanics, high performance composite materials