- manuscript on "Binder-free 3D electrodes" published
    in Chemistry of Materials,
  - manuscript on "Bone Tissue Repair" published in
     PNAS, featured as MIT's news story,

  - manuscript on "Virus-templated nanocomposites"
    accepted in Advanced Materials, selected for cover,

  - manuscript on "Nanoemulsion separation" published
    in Scientific Reports, featured as MIT's news story,

  - manuscript on "TiO2/MWNT electrodes" published in
    Nano Letters

                  for details, please see publications

M. Nasim Hyder

Postdoctoral Associate (Chemical engg.)                
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (link)

Doctor of Philosophy (Chemical engg.),                         
University of Waterloo  (link)

Masters of Applied Science (Mech engg.)
University of Toronto

Bachelor of Science (Mech. engg.)                              
Bangladesh University of Eng. and Tech.