Nathan Williams

Welcome to the Nathan J. Williams Non-Memorial Weblet.

Consider this an autobiographical niche in information space, but remember that this is not the real Nathan. This is merely a projection of Nathan onto a communications medium of limited expressive power. Do not let the apparant brevity of this document be deceptive; deep structure is more revealing than long dissertations.

The number one traffic-generator on this weblet: My Tetris game java applet. Five years old and still generating spam.

If I have to have a car, at least I have a neat one.

I'm a MIT alum, working at Wasabi Systems, hacking full-time on various NetBSD projects. Most of my work involves my implementation of Scheduler Activations and an associated POSIX thread library. I wrote and presented a paper at USENIX 2002.

I used to be a MIT graduate student, working at the AI Lab for Lynn Stein on the Reinventing CS101 project. I attended the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, as part of the class of 1994. There is more personal information avaliable that you may or may not care about...

If you really need to find me, you probably aren't browsing the web. But just in case, there is a zlocate gateway which will try to find out if I'm logged in.

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