• Nachiket Desai,
    A Low Power, Reconfigurable Fabric Body Area Network for Healthcare Applications,
    S. M. Thesis, MIT, Jun. 2012. [MIT DSpace]

Journal Articles

  • P. V. S. Rao, Nachiket Desai, Pradip Mandal,
    A Low-Power, 5 Gb/s LVDS Output Driver and Receiver with Active Termination,
    Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, Feb. 2012. [Springer Link]

Conference Papers

  • Nachiket Desai, Jerald Yoo, Anantha Chandrakasan,
    A Scalable 2.9mW 1Mb/s eTextiles Body Area Network Transceiver with Remotely Powered Sensors and Bi-Directional Data Communication,
    IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Feb. 2013. [IEEE Xplore]

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