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Making Microcontent Count



Increase Microcontent Value


Microcontent Exercise

Meta Tag Drivers to Your Site  


Using Microcontent Strategically

Increasing the Value of Microcontent:

Good microcontent concise texts that deliver messages fast and name important topics – can help users meet their needs.

Headlines – Summarize the page concisely: "OfficeBases Provides Professional Services for Freelancers."

Navigation Menu – Be specific, "Company Profile," rather than generic, "More information."

Links – Avoid "click here" and provide concrete information, "Ten timely investments," or urge action, "Signup for online service."

Captions – People read captions before they look at images on the Web, so make them informative: "CEO Bob Moore announced a 10 percent bonus at the July employee meeting."

Page Titles – Differentiate each page by function or content, "Sprint Expands Game Services.

Alt tags – Text-only readers depend on brief alt tags embedded in the coding for content: ALT="Photo of CEO announcing 10 percent employee bonus."

Meta Text – Use META tags to list key words and a one-sentence description of each page to boost visibility.





Microcontent Writing Exercise


Draft text for a new, spare home page for Marketing Sherpa, which current posts hundreds of words and dozens of topics on its landing page

Write a short invitation to enter the site—it could be a headline, phrase, or question  [eight words or less].

Write three short invitations to engage with a particular feature or interactive component             [real or imagined].

Write a tagline to enhance the site name.

Write 4-7 navigation links.

Use 70 words or less.




Meta Tag Drivers to Your Site

Use meta tags to help search engines and spiders find Byrne's page. Write a meta tag description and key word list for the home page.

Meta Tag Description

  • One sentence that nails the most important message on the page.
  • Must make sense independently since this turns up in search results.
  • Make the first few words dynamic to catch readers’ attention.


Meta Tag Key Words

  • Nouns that identify the main topics on the page.
  • Words may come from the page or may include more global terms: a page on non-toxic cleaning products might include “environmentally friendly.”


Write a meta tag description and key word list for the Marketing Sherpa site.


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