nSight Workshop
Writing & Editing
for the Web

Workshop Learning Objectives



Understand how Web communication extends and transforms traditional print communication.


Learn how to adapt your writing and editing skills to Web-based communication.


Plan Web content that your users will seek.

  Learn to transform information into sticky Web content.
  Craft microcontent that will support site goals.
  Learn and practice principles of writing and editing for the Web.
10-Minute Write  




10-Minute Write:

What are three or four needs your readers are trying to meet when they come to your site?

Be as specific as possible.







Identifying Pain Points:

MIT Sloan School of Management Dean Emeritus Glen Urban studies marketing. With the growth of the Internet, he began focusing on marketing on the Web, particularly trust-based marketing.

Focus of Traditional Marketing:

Direct your marketing efforts to these areas:

  1. Pain
  2. Fear
  3. Greed


On the Web, time is short so direct your efforts to one thingPain






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