Negotiation Techniques - An Introduction

As you use this site through out your job and compensation negotiations, you will find yourself going back and forth between all the three main sections. This is because during the process, you will encounter new challenges and have to constantly re-examine your goals and strategies. This section outlines the complete negotiation sequence, covers some negotiation basics, and examines how to deal with possible dificult situations.

The Negotiation Sequence

What do you do when you finally contact your potential future employer ? Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it often depends at what stage of the negotiation process you're at. Thus, it is not only a good idea to have a good picture of your interests, and those of the other party, but also one of the whole negotiation process. This section provides a brief overview of the job negotiation process.

Negotiation Basics

What is the difference between someone who negotiates distributively and someone who negotiates integratively ? Which strategy is better ? What is the difference between a position and interest ? How does focusing on one over the other affect your strategy ? This section covers some of the basic negotiation strategies and terms that will help you negotiate more strategically.

Difficult Situations

While more unusual than common, difficult situations do occur in job and salary negotiations, and it is best to be prepared for them so that you are not caught off gaurd when suddenly faced with an uncomfortable situation. This section provides an overview of what an employer can or can not ask you, as well as examples that cover some of the most common difficult situations.

In General

Please remember that you should be prepared to negotiate on no notice with an important contact that you meet by chance. It is not uncommon to hear of stories where a potential employer is suddenly in town for a conference and would like to meet with you or where the neighboring passenger on the plane becomes a key contact.

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